Killing imps

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Killing imps
Combat level 30+ recommended
A weapon
ProfitExperience gained
74,146Combat level 1,601 Hitpoints 4,800
InputsOutputs (74,146)
150 × Fiendish ashes.png Fiendish ashes (21,600)8.2 × Mind talisman.png Mind talisman (6,292)5.86 × Red bead.png Red bead (8,180)5.86 × Yellow bead.png Yellow bead (6,709)5.86 × White bead.png White bead (19,752)5.86 × Black bead.png Black bead (11,613)

There are 3 imp spawns to the south of Falador, allowing for 130-180 kills per hour depending on kill speed. Imps have 8 Hitpoints and have many drops. However, the only drops that should be picked up are black beads, red beads, white beads, yellow beads, and mind talismans. Beads are used in the Imp Catcher quest, selling easily on the Grand Exchange. When your inventory is full, run to the east Falador bank and deposit your drops. Food should not be needed as imps have very low offensive stats. Imps will occasionally teleport a short distance away after beginning combat, but they will still usually still be onscreen, allowing you to kill them. All combat styles will work against imps, but Magic or Ranged will allow for a slightly higher number of kills per hour as less time is spent running to the imps.

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