Killing mithril dragons

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Killing mithril dragons
RequirementsFighting mithril dragons.png
  • Hitpoints 80+ recommended
  • Attack 80+ , Strength , Defence recommended for Melee
  • Ranged 80+ recommended for Ranged
  • Magic 75+ recommended for Magic
  • Prayer 43+ (70+ recommended, especially for Melee)
  • High-level weaponry and decent armour
  • Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield
  • Games necklace
  • Divine ranging/Magic/Divine super combat potion
  • 1-2 (Extended) Antifires
  • 4-5 Prayer potions
  • A Saradomin brew and Super restore (optional)
  • An emergency teleport (optional)
  • Rest monkfish or better
  • Quest
    ProfitExperience gained
    658,705Combat level 48,375 Hitpoints 16,125
    Inputs (167,871)Outputs (826,576)
    15 × Prayer potion(4).png Prayer potion(4) (121,875)1.25 × Extended antifire(4).png Extended antifire(4) (419)100 × Shark.png Shark (44,800)1 × Games necklace(8).png Games necklace(8) (777)135 × Mithril bar.png Mithril bar (106,650)45 × Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (100,125)0.0045 × Draconic visage.png Draconic visage (10,566)0.0056 × Dragon full helm.png Dragon full helm (356,421)23.21 × Runite bolts 5.png Runite bolts (2,553)4.22 × Rune battleaxe.png Rune battleaxe (103,761)1.05 × Rune mace.png Rune mace (8,687)180 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (35,348)34.45 × Rune dart(p).png Rune dart(p) (3,376)8.44 × Rune knife.png Rune knife (1,063)0.7 × Rune spear.png Rune spear (8,352)17.58 × Soul rune.png Soul rune (4,518)8.44 × Rune arrow 5.png Rune arrow (886)8.44 × Rune javelin.png Rune javelin (1,476)2.11 × Runite bar.png Runite bar (26,260)31.65 × Dragon javelin heads 5.png Dragon javelin heads (28,734)5.98 × Shark.png Shark (2,678)0.35 × Rune full helm.png Rune full helm (7,269)5,223 × Coins 100.png Coins (5,223)8,304 × Rare drop table.png Rare drop table (8,304)0.7 × Prayer mix(2).png Prayer mix(2) (3,265)0.7 × Superattack mix(2).png Superattack mix(2) (71.02)0.7 × Super def. mix(2).png Super def. mix(2) (370)0.7 × Super str. mix(2).png Super str. mix(2) (621)

    The profit rate assumes 45 kills per hour, which is obtainable with an osmumten's fang and piety. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

    As with brutal green dragons, mithril dragons may also be found in the Ancient Cavern accessible after players have started Barbarian Firemaking training. They have 100% drops of dragon bones and 3 mithril bars, thus making them worth over 4,595 coins per kill. Players should use the correct protection Prayer corresponding to their weakness. For example, a player wearing Verac's armour, which is Melee armour, should use Protect from Magic. Additionally, players using Ranged or Magic from afar should have Protect from Missiles on.

    Depending on setup, skills and inventory space, players can expect around four dragons' worth of loot a trip before using an Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville for banking, going to Edgeville Monastery to restore Prayer points, and heading back to Ancient Cavern via the games necklace. Alternatively, if players have at least 45 Construction, they can construct an oak altar in their chapel and use Teleport to House tablets instead to restore Prayer before going back.

    With karil's armour, Protect from Melee and an Osmumten's fang, assuming you don't pickup mithril bars, you can stay for around fifteen kills per trip, or eighteen when having Mithril dragons as your slayer assignment.

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