Killing skogres and zogres

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Killing skogres and zogres
RequirementsSkogre.pngZogre (1).png
Ranged 40+ or Attack & Strength recommended
Defence 40+ recommended
Good Combat equipment
Relicym's balm
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Comp ogre bow and Mithril brutals recommended if using Ranged
ProfitExperience gained
210,835Combat level 47,712 Hitpoints 15,904 Slayer 11,928
Inputs (845)Outputs (211,680)
1 × Ring of dueling(8).png Ring of dueling(8) (845)168 × Ogre coffin key.png Ogre coffin key (211,680)

The profit rate assumes 168 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Skogres and zogres can be found in Jiggig during and after the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, and they always drop the ogre coffin keys that are used to loot ogre coffins. Since the bones from the coffins are quite valuable, the keys are valuable and skogres/zogres can be very worthwhile to kill.

The undead ogres are located south of Castle Wars, in the main Jiggig area past the skull barrier. The easiest way to get here (and to bank) is by using a ring of dueling.

They are Combat level 44 and only have 71 Hitpoints, but there's a hitch; unless you're using the Ogre comp bow and brutal arrows (safespotting them behind the fire pit or coffins), your damage will be reduced by 80% of what it would normally be if you use ANY other weapon and ammunition. Using Melee is not recommended as the zogres/skogres have a long death animation, and it's worth it to kill one, walk over to it, attack another one from a distance, and pick up the key once it shows up.

A good ranging method is killing one or two and running out and getting the drops, the coffin keys and zogre bones, and you'll also want to pick up any arrows you lost too. Bury the bones as soon as you get them, but try not to bury more than three or four at a time. In Jiggig, when you bury a bone (having crossed the barricade), then there's a chance that an aggressive Skogre will spawn.

It should only take 10-20 seconds to kill one even with the damage penalty, so a full inventory might take 8-10 minutes. Banking is very quick at Castle Wars. After you've finished, sell your keys on the Grand Exchange, but keep in mind that as ogre coffin keys have a low buying limit, you may be able to sell them in bulk for a higher price.

Alternatively, you could loot coffins with the keys you've obtained (making sure not to use the same Coffin each time as it seems that you get more Ourg bones if you alternate between 2-3 coffins with each key used. This is more efficient since it saves banking time and can even be used between monster respawns. Please note regardless this is a slow but effective money making method for low ranged and low combat players

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