Killing the King Black Dragon

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The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale.
Reason: Takes place in the Wilderness
Killing the King Black Dragon
RequirementsFighting the King Black Dragon.png

Attack 80+ , Strength , Defence recommended for Melee
Ranged 70+ recommended for Ranged
Hitpoints 70+ recommended
Prayer 44+ (70+ recommended especially for Melee)


High-level weaponry and decent armour
Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield
Ranging/Super combat potion
1-2 (Extended) Antifires
1-2 Superantipoisons
1-4 Prayer potions (depending if using Prayer or not)
An emergency teleport (optional)
Rest monkfish or better

Slayer 55 for Broad bolts recommended if using Ranged (optional)
Completed Barbarian Smithing and Tai Bwo Wannai Trio to use Zamorakian hasta in Melee (optional)
ProfitExperience gained
145,265Combat level 20,640 Hitpoints 7,310 Slayer 5,160
Inputs (281,030)Outputs (426,295)
90 × Shark.png Shark (70,110)2.5 × Antidote++(4).png Antidote++(4) (4,075)2.5 × Extended antifire(4).png Extended antifire(4) (530)15 × Super restore(4).png Super restore(4) (161,415) If using melee5 × Super combat potion(4).png Super combat potion(4) (44,900) If using melee20 × Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (34,400)40 × Black dragonhide.png Black dragonhide (138,960)0.013 × Dragon pickaxe.png Dragon pickaxe (44,895)1.56 × Rune longsword.png Rune longsword (29,002)1.41 × Adamant platebody.png Adamant platebody (13,218)0.47 × Adamant kiteshield.png Adamant kiteshield (1,332)0.16 × Dragon med helm.png Dragon med helm (9,203)469 × Air rune.png Air rune (2,344)352 × Fire rune.png Fire rune (1,758)23.44 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (9,609)23.44 × Law rune.png Law rune (3,633)1,078 × Iron arrow 5.png Iron arrow (3,234)27.34 × Runite bolts 5.png Runite bolts (3,582)234 × Yew logs.png Yew logs (50,625)2.34 × Adamantite bar.png Adamantite bar (4,448)7.42 × Dragon dart tip.png Dragon dart tip (14,562)7.42 × Dragon arrowtips.png Dragon arrowtips (4,780)11.72 × Dragon javelin heads 5.png Dragon javelin heads (11,238)0.47 × Runite bar.png Runite bar (5,790)31.25 × Gold ore.png Gold ore (5,688)1.09 × Amulet of power.png Amulet of power (2,406)2.5 × Shark.png Shark (1,948)0.63 × Runite limbs.png Runite limbs (5,746)0.47 × Ensouled dragon head.png Ensouled dragon head (2,108)0.004 × Draconic visage.png Draconic visage (11,660)10,128 × Rare drop table.png Rare drop table (10,128)
The routes that lead up to the KBD Lair.

The profit rate assumes 20 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck.

Before heading to the King Black Dragon Lair, log into a free world before venturing out into the Wilderness. Stand outside of the fenced lesser demon area, and log out. If possible, have your scout assess the risks. After finding an empty and safe members' world, return back on your main account, and enter the lair.

The King Black Dragon will hit 0-10 with his special dragonbreath regardless of dragonfire shielding and Prayer. By doing so, Defence bonuses become useless, so your gear should focus extensively on offensive and/or Prayer stats, concentrating on both Attack and Strength if using Melee or on Ranged bonuses if using Ranged. Prayer may also be used to speed up kills on both ends.

When he freezes you, use this time to heal by eating a couple pieces of food at the most, and try not to consistently fall below 40 Hitpoints during battle. Check your stats when he shocks you, and boost them if low.

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