Looting the nature rune chest in Ardougne

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Looting the nature rune chest upstairs in East Ardougne
RequirementsStealing from chests.gif
Thieving 28
Some food, preferably cakes stolen from Ardougne Baker's Stall.
ProfitExperience gained
31,440 Thieving 6,000
InputsOutputs (31,440)
720 × Coins.png Coins (720)240 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (30,720)

At 28 Thieving, players are able to loot the nature rune chest upstairs in East Ardougne, which gives 3 coins and a nature rune. The building that houses the chest is located south-east of Ardougne Market by the Ardougne Gem Stall. The chest can be looted roughly once every 15 seconds for a max of 240 times in one hour without world hopping, which is around 31,440 per hour.

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