Making Guthix rests

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Making Guthix rests
RequirementsGuthix rest(4) detail.png
Herblore 18
600,000+ recommended
One Small Favour
ProfitExperience gained
434,420 Herblore 33,320
Inputs (692,160)Outputs (1,126,580)
560 × Bowl of hot water.png Bowl of hot water (138,320)560 × Empty cup.png Empty cup (2,800)1,120 × Guam leaf.png Guam leaf (89,600)560 × Marrentill.png Marrentill (27,440)560 × Harralander.png Harralander (434,000)420 × Guthix rest(4).png Guthix rest(4) (1,116,360)140 × Empty cup.png Empty cup (700)560 × Bowl.png Bowl (9,520)

The Guthix rest is a potion which is commonly used in player-killing and high level combat encounters for its ability to heal the player without interrupting their attacks. For this reason, it is often used at bosses such as Vorkath and Corporeal beast.

The process of making Guthix rests is tedious and the profit rates vary depending on how quickly and accurately the player is able to combine the ingredients. The process is as follows.

  1. Use a Bowl of hot water on an Empty cup to create a Cup of hot water.
  2. Use 2 Guam leaves, 1 Marrentill, and 1 Harralander on the Cup of hot water, in any order, to create a 3-dose Guthix rest.
  3. Decant them at Bob Barter to 4-doses.

Note that adding more herbs than called for will result in a Ruined herb tea, so care must be taken in combining these ingredients accurately.

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