Making pizza bases

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Making pizza bases
Jug.pngJug.pngJug.pngJug of water.png
Jug of water.pngJug of water.pngJug of water.pngJug of water.png
Jug of water.pngPot.pngPot.pngPot.png
Pot of flour.pngPot of flour.pngPot of flour.pngPot of flour.png
Pot of flour.pngPot of flour.pngPizza base.pngPizza base.png
Pizza base.png
ProfitExperience gained
144,000 None
Inputs (374,400)Outputs (518,400)
2,400 × Jug of water.png Jug of water (79,200)2,400 × Pot of flour.png Pot of flour (295,200)2,400 × Pizza base.png Pizza base (496,800)2,400 × Jug.png Jug (9,600)2,400 × Pot.png Pot (12,000)

This guide uses jugs of water as they are the most traded source of water on the Grand Exchange. It is sometimes more profitable to use a bowl of water or a bucket of water, but fulfilling the buy orders and selling the empty containers can be difficult. Pizza bases, Empty Jugs, and Empty Pots will almost never sell immediately for the shown GE price, so profit may be lowered if you want instant money.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Left click (use) the Jug of water
  2. Left click the Pot of flour
  3. Press 3, the Pizza Base
  4. Wait until inventory completed
  5. Deposit
  6. Restock (9 Jug of water & 9 Pot of flour)
  7. Repeat

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