Making raw admiral pies

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Making Raw admiral pies
RequirementsRaw admiral pie detail.png
Cooking 70
ProfitExperience gained
211,680 None
Inputs (519,120)Outputs (730,800)
840 × Pie shell.png Pie shell (344,400)840 × Salmon.png Salmon (53,760)840 × Tuna.png Tuna (61,320)840 × Potato.png Potato (59,640)840 × Raw admiral pie.png Raw admiral pie (730,800)

This method will involve the assembly of raw admiral pies, valued by players training magic with the Bake pie spell. Begin by depositing the materials into a separate bank tab, then withdrawing 14 pie shells and 14 cooked salmon. Combine them by using the pie shell on the salmon. Next, withdraw 14 cooked tuna and combine them with the partially-made pies. Be careful not to accidentally eat the salmon or tuna during the combining process. Lastly, withdraw 14 raw potatoes and add them to the pies. Bank the resulting pies and repeat. With enough concentration, it is possible to produce around 840 pies per hour.

Note that the market for raw admiral pies is not as large as that for other pies. As such, it may take some time to sell them at Grand Exchange price.

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