Making ultracompost

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Making ultracompost
RequirementsUltracompost detail.png
2,000,000+ recommended
ProfitExperience gained
218,700 None
Inputs (1,393,200)Outputs (1,611,900)
2,700 × Supercompost.png Supercompost (939,600)5,400 × Volcanic ash.png Volcanic ash (453,600)2,700 × Ultracompost.png Ultracompost (1,611,900)

Ultracompost is the highest-level of compost and is an essential component of high-level Farming. Due to its high demand, it often sells for more than the Grand Exchange guide price, so profit calculations may vary wildly.

This method involves creating ultracompost by using volcanic ash on supercompost. Each ultracompost takes 2 volcanic ash and 1 supercompost to create. Creating ultracompost uses the standard crafting dialogue, so it is possible to process a whole inventory (27 supercompost + stack of volcanic ash) without having to manually click each time. A full inventory takes about 36 seconds, meaning it is possible to process about 100 inventories per hour. Therefore the total cost is 939,600 for 2,700 supercompost and 453,600 for 5,400 volcanic ash which creates 2,700 ultracompost worth 1,611,900.

Supercompost can be purchased from the Grand Exchange for 348 each, or created from composting anything from the list of Suitable items in the compost bin as part of the Farming skill.

Volcanic ash can be purchased from the Grand Exchange for 84 each, or can be mined on Fossil Island.

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