Making weapon poison(++)

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Making weapon poison(++)
RequirementsSkavid caves.png
Herblore 82
Skavid map
Light source (Kandarin headgear recommended)
Ring of dueling
ProfitExperience gained
33,552 Herblore 13,680
Inputs (214,632)Outputs (248,184)
72 × Poison ivy berries.png Poison ivy berries (3,888)72 × Coconut.png Coconut (210,528)72 × Vial.png Vial (216)72 × Weapon poison(++).png Weapon poison(++) (248,184)

Weapon poison(++) is made by using cave nightshade on a vial of coconut milk and poison ivy berries. Cave nightshade only spawns inside the Skavid caves and is not tradeable, so the spawn time of the nightshade is the limiting factor in how fast weapon poison++ can be made.

Location of cave nightshade.

Cave nightshade can be found in the caves under Gu'Tanoth, east of Castle Wars. The easiest way to get there is by teleporting to Castle Wars with a ring of dueling and walking to the most northern cave entrance, marked on the map to the right. A skavid map and a light source are required to enter. One cave nightshade can be found there, and it will respawn every 30 to 60 seconds depending on the population of the world, resulting in about 70-75 an hour on an average populated world.

Collectors can utilise the World Switcher to hop worlds, allowing them to collect nightshade faster. Pick up the nightshade on one world, and then hop to another. Pick up the cave nightshade there, and repeat by hopping worlds, cycling back to the original world when needed. If you hop too many worlds, you will be disconnected and have to wait around 3-4 minutes before logging in again.

After collecting 26 cave nightshade, teleport back to Castle Wars, bank, and repeat. Once enough cave nightshade is collected, break open the coconuts and put the milk in the vials (or buy pre-made coconut milk), add the cave nightshade to the potion, and complete it with poison ivy berries. Weapon poison(++) is often in high enough demand, but it's generally worth it to buy one first and sell for just below that price, as opposed to selling instantly.

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