Mining adamantite ore

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Mining adamantite ore
RequirementsAdamantite ore detail.png
Mining 70+
None. Hard Varrock diaries if using Varrock Armour 3.
Access to the Mining Guild (below Falador)
ProfitExperience gained
187,947Mining 15,200
InputsOutputs (187,947)
160 × Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore (181,120)5.33 × Unidentified minerals.png Unidentified minerals (6,827) *
The above-ground Mining Guild entrance
Inside the Mining Guild.

P2P players looking to gather adamantite ore as efficiently as possible should do so within the Mining Guild. The Mining Guild features eight adamantite rocks, an invisible +7 boost to mining, a 50% reduced rock respawn timer, and 1/30 chance per adamantite rock to acquire Unidentified minerals, which can be exchanged for mining gloves and its variants, which are useful for acquiring additional ore, or for clay packs, providing ~6% additional profit. There are also two mining rocks outside the P2P zone.

Optimal rates include utilising the recommended items, especially Varrock Armour 3, the Celestial Ring, and the Superior / Expert mining gloves. Higher level players can also utilise the Mining Cape.

At level 80 players should expect to mine between 150-180 ores per hour with the proper equipment. See image for a recommended potential "path" for mining ore.

A potential mining path for Adamantite Ore


Adamantite ore respawns every two minutes within the P2P portion of the mining guild.

World Hopping

At around level 80 mining you may find yourself waiting for adamantite ore to respawn. For optimal rates you should hop worlds when this happens- ideally, hop between two uncrowded worlds. This is more reliable than randomly hopping in a single direction, allowing you to increase your rates while eliminating the risk of hopping to a random world that is already inhabited or mined out.

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