Mining adamantite ore (free-to-play)

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Mining adamantite ore
RequirementsAdamantite ore detail.png
Mining 70+
Access to Mining guild (located below Falador)
ProfitExperience gained
114,960Mining 11,400
InputsOutputs (114,960)
120 × Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore (114,960)
The above-ground Mining Guild entrance
Inside the Mining Guild.

As a Free-To-Play player looking to gather Adamantite ore as efficiently as possible should do so within the Mining Guild. There are two ore spawns within the non-members area of the guild for Adamantite ore. As well as three more outside the guild in the direction of the Dwarven Mine. The quickest way to gather a full inventory of ore is to be World switching after you mine the ore on one world and hop in-between two or three worlds. Another alternative is to mine Mithril ore or Coal ore while you wait for them to respawn. After your inventory is full head back up the ladder and run north to Faladors' East Bank. At level 70 Mining (69 with non members boosts/ 68 with members boosts) you can expect to gather around 120+ ores per hour.

There are other locations you can find adamantite ore such as the Hobgoblin Mine with eight spawns in level 32-35 Wilderness getting there using the Waka Canoe and banking in Edgeville having the most available ores to mine. There is also the second fastest banking area of West Lumbridge Swamp Mine also having two Addy ore spawns. Approximately 1 minute and 10 seconds from Draynor Village bank.


•Inside the members area of the guild players receive an invisible +7 mining boost and all rocks respawn in half the time.

mine locations has several other locations players can mine at.

•The respawn time for Addy ore is 4 minutes (2 minutes inside the Members-area Mining Guild).

•Current cost for a single Adamantite Ore is (958 coins)

•Members Varrock Armour 3 will give you 10% chance of collecting up to two ores at once.

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