Mining adamantite ore (free-to-play)

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Mining adamantite ore
RequirementsAdamantite ore detail.png
Mining 70+
Access to the Mining Guild (below Falador)
ProfitExperience gained
90,480Mining 11,400
InputsOutputs (90,480)
120 × Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore (90,480)
The above-ground Mining Guild entrance
Inside the Mining Guild.

Free-to-play players looking to gather adamantite ore as efficiently as possible should do so within the Mining Guild. There are two ore spawns within the free-to-play area of the Guild, and three more just outside of the Guild in the Dwarven Mine. The quickest way to gather a full inventory of ore is to world hop after you mine the ore on one world, and hopping between two to three worlds. Alternatively, you can mine mithril or coal ore while you wait for the adamantite rocks to respawn. Once your inventory is full, head back up the ladder and run north to the bank.

With 70 Mining, you can expect to gather around 120+ ores per hour.


  • The respawn time for adamantite ore is 4 minutes.

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