Mining basalt

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Mining basalt
RequirementsBasalt detail.png
72+ MiningMining icon.png
Rune or Dragon pickaxe
Making Friends With My Arm
ProfitExperience gained
767,2003,750 MiningMining icon.png
InputsOutputs (767,200)
800 × Basalt.png Basalt (767,200)

Basalt is a quest utility item only available in the salt mines of Weiss. Its only function is to create Troll teleports to Weiss and the Troll Stronghold, so demand is limited. While there is no nearby bank or deposit box, using mined basalt on the NPC Snowflake above will convert the items to noted basalt, allowing a mining expedition to last indefinitely.

Basalt rocks contain multiple ores and respawn quickly. With a rune pickaxe and Mining level below 80, rates of 650-850 per hour can be expected, depending on Mining level and concentration. Attention requirements are comparable to the upper floor of the Motherlode Mine.

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