Mining basalt

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Mining basalt
RequirementsBasalt detail.png
Mining 72+
Rune, dragon, or crystal pickaxe
Making Friends With My Arm
ProfitExperience gained
624,400 Mining 3,750
InputsOutputs (624,400)
700 × Basalt.png Basalt (624,400)

Basalt is only obtainable in the Salt Mine of Weiss after completion of the Making Friends With My Arm quest. It is used to create Icy basalt and Stony basalt to teleport to Weiss and the Troll Stronghold respectively. It is also used to add those teleports to the portal nexus and a portal in the portal chamber.

There is no bank or deposit box nearby, but Snowflake in the centre of Weiss will note them for free. Basalt rocks do not always deplete when ore is mined and respawn quickly. With a rune pickaxe and less than 80 Mining, 650–850 per hour can be mined. Attention required is comparable to the upper floor of the Motherlode Mine.

The crystal pickaxe's effect does not work on basalt, neither does the prospector kit, celestial ring and derivatives.

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