Mining coal

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Mining coal
RequirementsCoal detail.png
Mining 30+ (60+ strongly recommended, for access to Mining Guild)
ProfitExperience gained
59,442Mining 17,500
InputsOutputs (59,442)
350 × Coal.png Coal (50,750)5.83 × Unidentified minerals.png Unidentified minerals (8,692) *
The above-ground Mining Guild entrance
Inside the Mining Guild.

Coal, worth (145 coins), is in constant demand because it is a necessary ingredient in the production of all primary ores. P2P players looking to mine coal as effeciently as possible should do so within the Mining Guild. The Mining Guild features twenty coal rocks, a bank and deposit box, an invisible +7 boost to mining, a 50% reduced rock respawn timer, and 1/60 chance per coal rock to acquire Unidentified minerals, which can be exchanged for mining gloves and its variants, which are useful for acquiring additional ore, or for clay packs, which can provide additional profit.

Players can also find uncut gems while mining, which can increase profit. A charged amulet of glory can help members find even more gems, but it is not required. A gem is obtained at around 1/282 chance when mining a rock (without an amulet of glory).

Mining gloves are exceptionally useful for mining coal in the mining guild, as they provide a 40% non-depletion rate to coal. This means that the player will be able to move less while staying relatively close to the bank, saving potentially a large amount of time. The coal bag will also provide a similar effect, while the celestial signet, higher levels picks, and Varrock armour provide additional mining speed and profit.

Players can obtain around 200-500 pieces of coal every hour predicated on levels and efficiency. Thus, the hourly profit margin ranges from 29,000 to 72,500.

Level 80 - 400-500 pieces of coal per hour.

For money making guides for acquiring coal through other means, see the Motherlode mine or Blast Mining pages.

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