Mining coal (free-to-play)

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Mining coal ore
RequirementsDwarven Mine.png
Mining 35+ (41+ strongly recommended for Rune pickaxe), 65+ Combat level strongly recommended
ProfitExperience gained
56,810Mining 11,500
InputsOutputs (56,810)
230 × Coal.png Coal (56,810)

Coal ore is an ore always in demand, due to its importance in Smithing. There are many locations to mine coal ore, but the best non-members location to mine it is in the Dwarven Mine, which can be accessed from a building north-east of Falador. Players are recommended to have Combat level over 65 to prevent the King scorpions and normal scorpions from being aggresive.

Players can also find uncut gems while mining, which can increase profit. A gem is obtained at around 1/282 chance when mining a rock.

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