Mining gold ore

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Mining gold ore
Mining 40+ , Crafting 40+ (optional)
  • Shilo Village Quest (optional)
  • Between a Rock... for Arzinian Mine (optional)
  • Partial completion of Garden of Tranquillity for Arzinian Mine banking discount (optional)
  • Other
  • Completion of the hard Falador Diary to access the bank chest in Crafting Guild
  • Completion of the easy Varrock Diary for Varrock Armour 1 which provides a 10% chance to mine double ores up to gold
  • Results
    ProfitExperience gained
    163,500 Variable between Mining 15,600 and Mining 38,350
    InputsOutputs (163,500)
    500 × Gold ore.png Gold ore (163,500)

    Gold ore, worth 327 coins, is used to craft jewellery or train Smithing, and using Blast Furnace is the best Smithing experience per hour. Although Motherlode Mine offers an array of ore based on Mining level, players can still gain some gold from the pay-dirt. Players who want strictly gold should focus on mining it at the Crafting Guild Mine, Arzinian Mine, or North Brimhaven Mine once all requirements are met. Wearing at least Varrock Armour 1 will provide a 10% chance to mine two gold ores at once.

    Arzinian Mine requires completion of the Between a Rock quest and the gold helmet. A Ring of charos (a), obtained after partial completion of Garden of Tranquility, halves the Dwarven Boatman's bank fee from 20% of gold ores banked to 10%.

    The Crafting Guild requires 40 Crafting to enter. For members, a bank chest is available after completion of the hard Falador Diary, or achieving 99 Crafting and wearing the Crafting Cape, which makes this mine the best choice overall. Free-to-play players banking at Falador East Bank can make between 6 and 10 trips an hour depending on Mining level and efficiency.

    For members who do not meet the Smithing requirement to complete Between a Rock... or are unable to complete the hard Falador tasks, the North Brimhaven Mine becomes the fastest location to mine gold ore. It is recommended to have be at least 41 combat so that the multiple poison scorpions around the mine are not aggressive. This mine contains 10 gold rocks as well as a spawn for gold ore with a respawn time of 4 minutes 30 seconds. For players that have completed the Shilo Village Quest, banking can be accomplished by taking the cart east of the Brimhaven fruit tree patch to Shilo Village and banking or by chartering a ship at the northern dock to Catherby and banking. A Ring of charos (a) will reduce the cost of chartering ships by half.

    At level 99 Mining, there is a 29% chance to mine an ore from a gold rock each mining cycle (3 ticks or 1.8 seconds), and the dragon pickaxe has a 12.5% chance to be 2 ticks. Assuming maximum efficiency, a dragon pickaxe, and banking at the Crafting Guild this translates to a maximum of approximately 590 gold ore per hour. Thus, the hourly profit maxes out at 192,930 coins.

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