Mining gold ore (Crafting Guild)

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Mining gold ore
RequirementsCrafting Guild mine.png
Mining 40 and Crafting 40
Rune pickaxe
Brown or golden apron to enter the Crafting guild
ProfitExperience gained
42,420Mining 13,650
InputsOutputs (42,420)
210 × Gold ore.png Gold ore (42,420)

Players with a minimum level of 40 Mining and Crafting are able to mine gold ore inside the Crafting Guild. This area contains 7 gold rocks, which allows more gold to be mined within a certain time frame.

With this amount of gold rock located in the Crafting Guild, some players may not find the need to world hop in order to maximise profit per hour. World hopping would only be recommended if a player can mine the all 7 rocks before they begin to respawn.

Players will be able to mine around 210 ores per an hour, assuming it takes 6 minutes (6 is the average time, while some players will experience a longer wait time if their mining level isn't much higher than 40). After mining a full inventory, players can run to the nearest bank which is located north of the Mining Guild.

Travelling to and from the bank will take players 2 minutes, as run energy will be depleted running to the bank. So energy potions are recommended to be brought on the way back to the guild to drink if players want to shave a minute off travelling.