Motherlode Mine

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Motherlode Mine
RequirementsMotherlode Mine.png
Mining 30+

Mithril pickaxe (or better, especially after levelling up to upgrade)
Amulet of glory (optional)
Gem bag (optional)
Coal bag (optional)

100 golden nuggets and Mining 72 for upper level
ProfitExperience gained
48,180Mining 20,000
InputsOutputs (48,180)
330 × Coal.png Coal (48,180)

At level 30 Mining, coal (146) can be mined, and a popular members' place to mine it is in the Motherlode Mine located in the Falador Dwarven Mines. Also, players can obtain gold (168), mithril (89), adamantite (1,023), and runite (11,152) if they have the respective Mining levels. By mining pay-dirt and cleaning it in the machine located in the centre of the mine, players collect random ores from the sack. This is a very popular update to the Mining skill as it is easy to AFK and can yield good profit and 20,000-35,000 experience per hour. Randomly, players can also receive golden nuggets that can be traded in for a Prospector's outfit, which grants a 2.5% XP boost to Mining if the full set is worn. At 72 Mining, which cannot be boosted, 100 nuggets are required to access the upper level. A dragon pickaxe or crystal pickaxe are strongly recommended for serious miners at this point.

Players can also bring a gem bag, which can bring every deposit to 27 pay-dirt per trip to the sack, which can make it easier to both overfill the sack and keep any gems obtained, the drop rate of which can be increased with an amulet of glory. However, after level 70 mining, using a glory and a gem bag slightly lowers the overall gp/h due to how receiving a gem works (it replaces a paydirt and therefore has the potential to replace an adamant/runite ore mined).[confirmation needed]

A coal bag can be used to speed up the banking of the ores retrieved from the sack (best used with an upgraded sack).

Upon completing the Elite Falador Achievement Diary, players will have an increased chance of receiving higher ores when cleaning pay-dirt. If possible, completing this will result in more expected profit per hour.

XP/Profit per hour Level 31 Level 41 Level 61 Level 70 Level 85 Level 99
Mining XP per hour 13,106 15,500 29,260 30,325 43,000 54,000
Profit per hour 28,892 40,562 53,376 95,312 233,185 292,837
Profit per hour with Crystal pickaxe (+3.03%) N/A N/A N/A N/A 240,250 301,710

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