Picking coconuts

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Picking coconuts
Profit per instanceCoconut.png
86,472 per instance
Activity time
3 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
270 minutes
Effective profit
1,729,440 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
Farming 68 or 85 (recommended) The Grand Tree
Started Mourning's End Part I
Item requirementsOther requirements
Teleport crystal Fully grown Palm tree in fruit tree patches
Experience gainedLocation
Farming 1,494 Catherby, Brimhaven, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village, Lletya, and Farming Guild (85 Farming required) fruit tree patches
Inputs (0)Outputs (86,472)
36 × Coconut.png Coconut (86,472)

Coconuts grow on palm trees, and are used to make coconut milk, used in high-level Herblore, being the secondary ingredients used to make Weapon Poison++ and Antidote++. They're also used to pay farmers to look after magic trees. Once a palm tree has grown fully, it can be harvested repeatedly, with a coconut growing back every 45 minutes on average, for a maximum of six per palm tree.

Harvesting trips are most efficient when the player has at the most, 4 items in their inventory, to minimise time spent running to the tool leprechauns to note coconuts. An efficient inventory setup includes a construction cape, farming cape, and a teleportation crystal. This way, the player only needs to use the noting function of the tool leprechaun once. Alternative methods to get to each fruit tree patch are provided below the most efficient route.

Most efficient route: Begin the trip by using the construction cape to teleport to the Brimhaven house portal and run north, harvesting all 6 coconuts from the palm tree. Next, use a teleport crystal to teleport to Lletya. Harvest the palm tree and note 12 coconuts with the tool leprechaun located 2 tiles north of the tree. Then, use the farming cape to teleport to the Farming Guild. Run north into the advanced tier of the guild to harvest the palm tree. Next, cast Catherby Teleport and harvest the coconuts growing on the palm tree found on the east side of the shore. Then, teleport to your player-owned house and use the Spirit tree to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold. Harvest the palm tree to the east and return back to the Spirit tree, travelling finally to the Tree Gnome Village. Squeeze through the fence to the south-west and exit the maze quickly by following Elkoy. Travel south-west and harvest the coconuts of the final palm tree.

Alternative methods:

Brimhaven: Brimhaven teleport tablet, teleporting outside a player-owned house located in Brimhaven, charting a ship from Catherby, or using the Spirit Tree network to teleport to Brimhaven.

Farming Guild: Skills necklace teleport, use of the Spirit Tree network to teleport to the Farming Guild, or fairy ring (code CIR). Note that the fruit tree patch is located in the advanced tier of the Farming Guild which requires 85 farming (boostable) to enter. This money-making method otherwise only requires 68 Farming, the skill level needed to plant and harvest palm trees.

Catherby: Catherby teleport portal in a portal chamber, Catherby teleport using a Portal nexus, Camelot teleport, or Charter ship.

Gnome Stronghold: Royal seed pod teleport, Slayer ring teleport to Stronghold slayer cave, Achievement Diary Cape teleport to the Elder gnome child location, or use of a gnome glider to the Grand tree.

As this uses the same patches as papaya trees, it cannot be used at the same time as the picking papayas method. Whichever one is more profitable should be used.

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