Pickpocketing Ardougne knights

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Pickpocketing Ardougne knights
RequirementsKnight of Ardougne.png
Thieving 55+ (95+ recommended)
Hitpoints Decent

Rogue equipment
Dodgy necklace
Some food, preferably 10-12 cakes stolen from Ardougne Baker's Stall., or Rune pouch with Ardougne Teleport runes if suiciding

Plague City if suiciding

Completed the medium Ardougne Diary
Gloves of silence if the medium Ardougne Diary has not been completed.

ProfitExperience gained
50,100Thieving 85,000+
InputsOutputs (50,100)
50,100 × Coins 100.png Coins (50,100) minimum, 100,200 (At level 55 with rogue equipment)

Pickpocketing Ardougne knights can yield good amounts of gold especially with Rogue equipment. A knight has to be trapped inside the trapezoid-shaped house in the north-east corner, north of Ardougne Baker's Stall. to optimise Thieving experience. To do this, the player should attack him once, go inside the house to lure him, and close the door behind him. A player with a dragon spear can use its special attack to aid in luring. Once he's inside, the player can lock him outside the room and log out and back in to reset aggro. After he's trapped, players should be courteous and keep the gate closed.

If low on health, players can steal some cake from the Baker's stall in Ardougne. Otherwise, players will need to use conventional food to restore Hitpoints. At 95 Thieving, food is completely unnecessary since the player will no longer fail.

If suiciding, Ardougne Teleport runes are necessary. The player dies and teleports back to Ardougne and resumes pickpocketing, repeating the process.

At 95+ Thieving it is possible to gain 253k xp per hour and an accompanying 300,000gp per hour with full rogue outfit

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