Pickpocketing H.A.M. members

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Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members
RequirementsH.A.M. Hideout.png
  • Thieving 15 (92 recommended)
  • Decent Hitpoints
  • Magic 96 recommended
  • Construction 27 recommended
  • Ardougne cloak 3/4 or Thieving cape
  • Spade
  • Graceful outfit
  • Stamina potions
  • Teleportation items
  • Easy STASH units built and filled
  • Quest
    Various (for clue steps)
    ProfitExperience gained
    1,199,955 16,650 Thieving
    Inputs (79,730)Outputs (1,279,685)
    50,000 × Coins.png Coins (50,000) Teleport charges and runes5 × Stamina potion(4).png Stamina potion(4) (29,730)18 × Clue scroll (easy).png Clue scroll (easy) (1,015,148)0.36 × Clue scroll (master).png Clue scroll (master) (264,538)

    Note that the listed profit rate assumes a total of 18 easy clue scrolls completed per hour.

    Players can pickpocket female H.A.M. members at 15 Thieving and male H.A.M. members at 20 Thieving. When pickpocketing H.A.M. Members you have a 1/50 chance to obtain an easy clue scroll. The expected value of an easy clue scroll is roughly 56,397.09 coins each. Most of the value of an easy clue scroll is driven by trimmed / gold trimmed bronze / iron / steel / black armour, cosmetic items, God pages and some very rare items such as the Gold-trimmed monk's robes and Team cape zero. At Thieving 92 you cannot fail pickpocketing female H.A.M. Members if you have the Ardougne Hard Diary completed (Thieving 94 for male H.A.M. Members). Alternatively if you have Thieving 99 and are wearing the Thieving cape you cannot fail either. As one pickpocket takes 1.2 seconds, it should take a bit over a minute on average to obtain an easy clue scroll (including dropping junk items). With large amounts of teleports unlocked, an easy clue scroll can generally be completed in under 90 seconds if all easy STASH are filled.

    The general strategy is to teleport to Draynor Village using an Amulet of glory, running to the hideout which takes roughly 40 seconds, obtaining a clue scroll through pickpocketing and completing the clue scroll, banking in Draynor village repeating the process. Players who do not meet the requirements to pickpocket H.A.M. Members without fail should wear a dodgy necklace and full H.A.M. robes to decrease the probability of being kicked out of the hideout when failing a pickpocket. Note that wearing H.A.M. robes might mean that you need to bank if you wish to equip graceful outfit while completing the clue scroll.

    For maximum efficiency it is required to be on the Arceuus spellbook and use POH portals for regular teleports, with preferably an Ornate jewellery box and Ornate rejuvenation pool built besides having Spirit tree & fairy ring built in your house. It should be noted that these high level requirements are only required for grinding out the absolute maximum amount of easy clue scrolls per hour, and without these completing 15 easy clue scrolls is perfectly possible with the teleports on the standard spell book, teleportation jewellery and Xeric's talisman if you have the thieving requirement.

    At 18 easy clue scrolls completed per hour an average profit of 935,417.59 coins can be expected, 779,514.66 coins at 15 scrolls per hour, 623,611.73 coins at 12 scrolls per hour, and 467,708.8 coins at 9 scrolls per hour. Unlike with medium clue scrolls, the rewards with real value are a lot more spread out in easy clues. The probability for an expensive rare item (team capes or monk robes) is roughly 1 in 500 and hence only contributes roughly 10k to the total value of an easy clue scroll.

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