Pickpocketing elves

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Pickpocketing Elves

Thieving 85+ (99 recommended)
Agility 50 for Rogue equipment
Decent Hitpoints
Herblore 97 Recommended


Thieving cape
Rogue equipment for guaranteed double loot
Food (Preferrably wines)
Dodgy necklaces

Song of the elves
Completion of at least the Ardougne Diary (Hard)
ProfitExperience gained
3,219,081.98Thieving 167,675
Inputs (13,263)Outputs (3,232,344.98)
170 × Jug of wine.png Jug of wine (510)13 × Dodgy necklace.png Dodgy necklace (12,753)0.93 × Enhanced crystal teleport seed.png Enhanced crystal teleport seed (2,648,532.48)25 × Crystal shard 5.png Crystal shard (383,812.5)200,000 × Coins 100.png Coins (200,000) Other loot

IMPORTANT: The listed profit rate is calculated at Thieving 99 while wearing full Rogue equipment (requires Agility 50 ) with completion of the Ardougne Diary (hard) and while wearing the Thieving cape. Players with lower thieving will not achieve this profit rate. The listed profit assumes 475 successful pickpockets per hour. On average a player should see two teleport seeds roughly every 2.15 hours.

Pickpocketing Elves in Prifdinnas gives a chance of pickpocketing Crystal shards and Enhanced crystal teleport seeds. Roughly 5% of the pickpockets will yield a Crystal shard and 1/1024 chance for an Enhanced crystal teleport seed. Wearing the full rogue equipment will double the amount of shards and teleport seeds obtained on a successful pickpocket. At level 99 thieving, while wearing the Thieving cape and having at least the Ardougne Diary (Hard) complete, the player will have a 47.4% chance for a successful pickpocket. This means that, if the player is wearing Dodgy necklaces, the maximum theoretical amount of pickpockets is roughly 550 per hour, but this does not include banking.

The value estimate for the crystal shards assumes they are used for making Divine super combat potions, requiring a herblore level of Herblore 97 , or Herblore 93 if boosting using botanical pies. The time required for making these is not counted in the estimated profit per hour.

Players should attempt to trap Cirdan, or another elf close to the bank. As the movement of the elf is random it can take some time for the elf to walk to the desired spot.

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