Pickpocketing master farmers

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Pickpocketing master farmers
RequirementsMaster Farmer.png

Thieving 38+ (94+ recommended)
Thieving 50 and Agility for Rogue equipment
Decent Hitpoints


Rogue equipment for guaranteed double loot
Seed box to save inventory space (recommended)
Food (if below Thieving 94 )

Completion of the Ardougne Diary (Hard) OR wearing the Thieving cape
ProfitExperience gained
853,880.02Thieving 27474-129000
InputsOutputs (853,880.02)
19.9 × Ranarr seed 5.png Ranarr seed (648,003.7)2.88 × Snapdragon seed 5.png Snapdragon seed (138,424.32)23.1 × Snape grass seed 5.png Snape grass seed (67,452)

IMPORTANT: The listed profit rate is calculated at Thieving 94 while wearing full Rogue equipment (requires Thieving 50 and Agility 50 ) with completion of the Ardougne Diary (hard) (requires Thieving 72 , boostable). Players with lower thieving will not achieve this profit rate and should see the table below for their estimated profit.

Pickpocketing master farmers can yield good amounts of seeds for Farming. The real money-makers are Ranarr seeds, Snapdragon seeds, and Snape grass seeds (worth 32,563, 48,064, and 2,920 respectively). These seeds are very rare (appearing every 1/302, 1/2083, 1/260 pickpockets) but make up 91.1% of the profit.

It's not recommended to pickpocket Martin in Draynor, due to the left click talk option.

If low on health, players can buy wines from Fortunato in Draynor Village, or steal some cake from the Baker's stall if pickpocketing in Ardougne. Otherwise, players will need to use conventional food to restore Hitpoints.

Profit varies enormously based off thieving level, greatly improving after certain milestones. At Thieving 50 players can equip full Rogue equipment for guaranteed double loot, doubling profit. At Thieving 72 players can complete the Ardougne Diary (hard) for an additional 10% pickpocketing boost. It is not recommended to thieve Master farmers for profit at low levels as there are much better money making methods out there. Below are some experience and profit estimates at certain levels.

Level Success Rate Pickpockets/h Gold/h XP/h Bonuses Notes
38 57.5% 639 101,795 27,474 Thieving
50 64.7% 805 256,460 34,609 Thieving Rogue equipment.png Players gain the ability to use Rogue equipment for guaranteed double loot.
60 70.7% 977 311,235 42,001 Thieving Rogue equipment.png
70 76.7% 1191 379,627 51,231 Thieving Rogue equipment.png
70 80.9% 1376 438,581 59,187 Thieving Rogue equipment.png Ardougne Diary#Hard.png Players can boost to complete the Ardougne diary (hard) for the 10% improved pickpocketing success.
80 82.7% 1467 467,434 63,080 Thieving Rogue equipment.png
80 87.5% 1751 557,927 75,293 Thieving Rogue equipment.png Ardougne Diary#Hard.png
90 88.7% 1834 584,292 78,851 Thieving Rogue equipment.png
90 94.1% 2286 728,304 98,285 Thieving Rogue equipment.png Ardougne Diary#Hard.png
94+ 100% 3000 955,899 129,000 Thieving Rogue equipment.png Ardougne Diary#Hard.png/Thieving cape.png Players stop failing entirely with the Ardougne diary (hard) bonus,or the thieving cape at level 99.

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