Stealing from silk stalls

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Stealing from silk stalls
RequirementsSilk stall.png
Thieving 20
ProfitExperience gained
16,800 Thieving 14,400
InputsOutputs (16,800)
600 × Silk.png Silk (16,800)

At 20 Thieving, players can steal from the silk stall, which the silk can then be sold back to the silk merchant for 60 coins after a period of 60 minutes has passed since the player last stole from the stall. With the stall's respawn time at five seconds and assuming a 30-second bank time (banking at Ardougne South Bank), it is possible to steal about 600 silk every hour, which can then be sold back to the trader for 36,000 coins.

It is best to steal from the northern silk stall though. Additionally, it would help to trap the patrolling guard or knight in the house to avoid being caught.

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