Taking Bronze Picks

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Picking bronze picks from a barrel
RequirementsBarrel (Ruins of Camdozaal).png
Bronze pick
Below Ice Mountain
ProfitExperience gained
88,000Free Bronze picks!
InputsOutputs (88,000)
2,000 × Bronze pickaxe.png Bronze pickaxe (88,000)

Stand in between the barrel in Camdozaal and the bank chest.

  1. Take a bronze pick from the barrel
  2. Drop the bronze pick
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 until there are 27 picks on the floor + one in your inventory
  4. Pick up all bronze picks from the floor
  5. Deposit all bronze picks in the bank chest
  6. Repeat


  • In your settings you can enable Shift+Click to drop items.
  • Equip a bronze pickaxe. This way, when you accidentally equip a pickaxe instead of dropping it, you can just continue.
  • Use the "Deposit all" button on your bank interface.
  • It is possible to drop a pick and then take the next one in the same tick. When doing this perfectly, you can obtain up to 2800 picks per hour.

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