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Monk's Friend is a short novice quest. The monks of Ardougne Monastery ask you to do them a couple of favours, allowing them to throw a party without any setbacks.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Brother Omad[edit | edit source]

Brother Omad chathead.png
The stone circle is located here.

Start by talking to Brother Omad at the monastery south of Ardougne. Can be teleported nearby via Ardougne Cloak 1 or fairy rings with code DJP. You can also reach there by using the mini game teleport, Fishing Trawler. Then walk north west from the port. He wants you to retrieve a child's blanket, which can be found in a secret cave that is hidden under a ring of stones in the forest south of Ardougne.

Child's blanket[edit | edit source]

Head west immediately after exiting the monastery. Just south-east of the Gnome Battlefield (just south of the Clock Tower), there is a perfect circle of grey stones. When inside the ring, a ladder will appear.

A ladder mysteriously appears.

Climb down the ladder. You will enter a large dungeon. Take the first path south. In the room at the end, you'll find the child's blanket on the table guarded by two level 14 thieves and a level 26 Head Thief.

Bring the blanket back to Omad. He will be pleased because he can sleep now. Talk to Omad again. He is now better and wants to organise a party for a child's birthday.

Brother Cedric[edit | edit source]

Brother Cedric chathead.png
Brother Cedric is located here.

Note: Make sure you click chat option "Where should I look?" then double check quest log before leaving Omad, or you won't be able to sober up Cedric.

Brother Omad needs the wine from Brother Cedric, who seems to be lost in the forest south of Ardougne. Leave the monastery and head directly north, he is located south of the fence that holds camels. He's very drunk and needs a jug of water to sober up. A jug of water can be found in the cooking shop in nearby Yanille, or the general store in Port Khazard. You cannot use the well next to Cedric to fill up your jug. If you need to fill it up, there is a sink just south of the monastery.

Also, if you forgot to fill your jug, use the bucket on the ground by the well and fill your jug from there.

Give the jug of water to Cedric to sober him up. Now, he only needs logs to repair his cart. Cut a log if needed, and talk to Cedric again. Be sure they are regular logs. Oak, willow, yew, etc. logs will not work. He can now repair his cart and wants you to go back to Brother Omad to tell him he is coming soon.

Go back to Brother Omad, who can finally go party.

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Monk's Friend reward scroll.png