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This is a plot summary of the events of Monkey Madness I.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Following the thwarting of Glough's plans to engender a gnome-human war by killing the Grand Tree, King Narnode Shareen tasks the human adventurer who had become involved in this plot with seeking out the 10th Squad of the Gnome Royal Guard, its most elite unit; they had been sent to Glough's warfleet shipyard in eastern Karamja to oversee its decommissioning, but have been lost since. The adventurer investigates the shipyard but none of its workers have seen the gnomes and they meet Caranock, the Gnome Liasion Officer, who is surprised to learn of Glough's arrest and informs them that the 10th Squad never arrived and may have been blown off course by strong winds. He announces that he will oversee the shipyard's decommissioning himself.

The adventurer reports back to the king, who is not familiar with Caranock and redirects them to Daero, Glough's successor as High Tree Guardian. Daero conveys Narnode's orders that the adventurer is to travel south of Karamja with a companion in order to verify Caranock's claims about the winds, adding that there are reports of a monkey-populated atoll there. He instructs them to make contact with the 10th Squad's leader, Sergeant Garkor. When asked about Caranock, Daero declares he has likewise not heard of him and that the GLO position was introduced by Glough. The adventurer is blindfolded you for security reasons and taken to an Underground Military Glider Hangar, commissioned by Glough in case his attacks on the kingdoms of men by land and sea would fail. It is full of special military gnome gliders, a lighter yet stronger version of the usual gliders that can fly farther. Daero introduces the adventurer to to Flight Commander Waydar. The latter Waydar declares that the hangar has problems reinitialising (a security measure of Glough's) because the code is too hard.

The adventurer successfully breaks the code, reactivating the military gliders. They fly off with Waydar and safely make landing on a small island, where the 10th Squad also appear to have crash-landed. Waydar suggests trying to get to a larger island to the west and recognises another gnome on the beach as Lumdo, a member of the 10th Squad. After being shown the king's seal, Lumdo explains that his squad's gliders were indeed blown off course before they could even land on Karamja at all. They were forced to crash-land in the treetops on this island and built two wooden boats to sail to the large atoll to the west. Lumdo remained behind to guard their broken gliders with the smaller boat. The adventurer conveys Daero's orders to make contact with Sergeant Garkor on the atoll, but Lumdo has conflicting orders from Garkor to stay; Waydar, who outranks Lumdo, interferes, ordering the latter to sail the adventurer to the atoll whilst remaining on the island himself to guard the gliders.

Meanwhile, the shipyard's foreman is conversing with Caranock on an unfinished ship. He explains that his men are losing morale because of Glough's replacement and require their jobs to feed their families. He fears a revolt if something isn't done soon. Caranock assures him he is working on something and that 'the human' investigating will be 'removed' if necessary, as Glough has left agents amongst the airforce. He concludes that they should keep looking for the 10th Squad and that the men should continue work on the war fleet.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

After arriving on Ape Atoll, the adventurer traverses the dangerous jungle only to be knocked out and gaoled by the local ninja monkeys. They awaken in a cell where Lumo, Bunkdo and Carado of the 10th Squad are also held. Lumo explains that the gnomes are content to stay in their cells until a solution is found and helps the adventurer escape. Having successfully evaded the prison guards, they meet the elusive Karam; High Assassin of the 10th Squad who is trying to figure out how to free his friends.

The adventurer continues to the other side of the monkey village Marim, avoiding the hostile monkeys, where they encounter Sergeant Garkor. He is already aware of their mission, being in sporadic contact with the king, and explains that he specifically requires a human, continuing that his three soldiers in prison have to be rescued before resuming the original mission. He says Karam is operating around the monkey village whilst the squad's High Mage and sappers are working underground. Garkor himself has been eavesdropping on Awowogei, the atoll's self-proclaimed ruler, in the nearby building and concludes that the fewest casualties will be incurred by having a monkey on the inside, which rôle he suggests that the adventurer play. He instructs them to find Zooknock the mage to obtain a monkey 'disguise' to infiltrate the monkeys.

After going through a very lengthy underground tunnel filled with many traps and undead monkeys, the adventurer meets Zooknock and the two sappers, Waymottin and Bunkwicket. The mage is distressed that Lumdo abandoned his post and notes that the name of Waydar seems familiar. He then explains how the 10th Squad split up after sailing to Ape Atoll in order to search for glider launch sites and were surprised by the militancy of the monkeys, after which some of the squad were captured. In an attempt to free the gaoled gnomes, Zooknock and the sappers are tunnelling towards the prison.

He moreover reveals the monkey 'disguise' is actually a plan to turn the adventurer into a monkey. Moreover, King Narnode had been in contact with Garkor, who specifically requested this adventurer to be sent to the gnomes' aid. The sergeant had conceived the monkey insider plan a long time ago and required a human for Zooknock's shapeshifting spell, as the gnomes' evolutionary connection to monkeys is too weak. He explains that there are two parts to the operation: to speak the monkeys' language and to transform the adventurer's body. He suggests using a monkey amulet to carry the language spell and a monkey talisman for the transformation spell. The adventurer returns to the surface and successfully retrieves the required items for the amulet from around the village. Zooknock helps them make to enchant it to become an amulet of monkeyspeak by crafting it in the sacred flame pits beneath the Temple of Marimbo. Now able to converse with monkeys, the adventurer convinces a local monkey child to give them his new toy, a magical amulet that Zooknock infuses with the remains of a deceased monkey so it may carry the shapeshifting spell.

At the same time, GLO Caranock and Flight Commander Waydar secretly meet in a cave beneath the atoll. Waydar, who turns out to be Glough's agent in the airforce, reports to Caranock, who says it is up to the two of them to continue Glough's plans. The GLO proposes that the 10th Squad die so that their fate could be blamed on the humans. The King would at the very least raise the defences if not declare outright war, ensuring more shipyard orders and hence money for Caranock, whilst Waydar would receive a promotion. The latter adds that it may serve to remind Narnode of King Bolren's war with General Khazard's human army as well. Caranock concludes by instructing Waydar to dispose of the adventurer when the time is right.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Unaware of Waydar's true colours, the adventurer returns to Garkor, who explains his plan for them to pose as a Karamjan monkey envoy and propose an alliance with Awowogei. The adventurer transforms into a monkey and is granted an audience with Awowogei by Kruk, a ninja monkey chief. Awowogei and his adviser Uwogo are against the idea of an alliance, but his other adviser Muruwoi sways his ruler, who then proposes a test of the Karamjan monkeys' alleged resourcefulness: the adventurer is tasked with rescuing a captured monkey from the Ardougne Zoo.

They successfully obtain an Ardougnese zoo monkey and deliver it to Awowogei. The monkey is quite impressed, allowing the adventurer to freely roam his domain, and says he will consider the alliance with his advisers. The adventurer leaves his chambers to reconvene with Garkor, who fears the effort was in vain, revealing a conversation overheard by the two sappers. They had heard Caranock and Waydar meeting privately with Awowogei and suggesting that the gaoled gnomes be killed so that King Narnode will declare war upon man, and Awowogei may share in the scheming gnomes' profits. Caranock said that his superior would allow Awowogei to summon all 10th Squad members to one location as well as granting him access to one of his 'pets'. Waydar enquired about the adventurer, whom Caranock suspects was already dead. Awowogei agreed to the plan, rendering the alliance pointless.

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]

Garkor and Zooknock devise a plan: the teleportation spell Caranock mentioned will teleport all of the 10th Squad to one place, effectively breaking Lumo, Bunkdo and Caramdo out of prison. Zooknock had also deduced that Glough's magic is linked to the 10th Squad's sigils, wherefore Garkor gives the adventurer one, welcoming them into the 10th Squad. As the squad's newest member equips their sigil, they are all teleported to a banana plantation and ready themselves for battle. A massive, powerful jungle demon appears to kill the gnomes, but with the adventurer's aid they manage to vanquish the foe.

Zooknock teleports the 10th Squad to safety and the adventurer returns to report to King Narnode. The king sends them to Daero to undergo combat training as a member of the 10th Squad, whilst the rest of its members remain in position on Ape Atoll to keep an eye on Awowogei.