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This quick guide has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Chapter I[edit | edit source]

Items Required: Lemon, grapes, pestle and mortar, Translation book (if you kept it from The Grand Tree Quest), normal logs, no weapons or armour. Recommended: Magic logs.

  • Go to Glough's house southeast of the Grand Tree and go upstairs, then climb the eastern tree.
  • Investigate the tree and receive a handkerchief.
  • Talk to Anita in her house north of the Gnome Ball Field. (Chat 12)
  • Go to Glough's house again, go up the tree to the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US], then climb again to reach the 3rd floor[UK]4th floor[US]. (to reach the 3rd floor[UK]4th floor[US] you must click the northern branch)
  • Investigate the gnome statue and turn it to unlock the cupboard.
  • Search the cupboard for book of spyology, the gnome crates for brush, and fire remains for mysterious note.
  • Use pestle and mortar on the lemon
  • Use notes on the candles
  • Use pestle and mortar on grapes
  • Use juice-coated brush on mysterious note.
  • Read the scrawled note.
  • Talk to King Narnode. Read the translation book he gives you. (You may already have the translation book from a prerequisite quest: The Grand Tree, if this is the case King Narnode will not hand you a second copy.)
  • Use translation book on the note, and talk to King Narnode again.
  • Talk to Anita again. (Chat 3)
  • Read the translated note.
  • Talk to the King again.
  • Talk to Assistant Lori next to the hot air balloon beside Glough's house. (Chat 3)
  • Fly to Entrana via balloon and talk to Auguste. (Chat 11)
  • Return to the Gnome stronghold and talk to King Narnode again.

Chapter II[edit | edit source]

Items Required: m'speak amulet, monkey talisman, ninja monkey greegree or ancient gorilla greegree, light source, pickaxe (Tank path), slash weapon. Recommended: Food, antipoison, combat equipment, super combat,stamina, and prayer potions.

  • Go to Ape Atoll and talk to Garkor located outside Awowogei's house. (Chat 12)
  • Talk to Awowogei (Chat 21)
  • Talk to Garkor again.
  • Go to the West side of the island and go up the hill to the Monkey Archers.
  • Talk to a Monkey Archer about Kruk
  • Follow the tracks (foot prints) that start at the foot of the hill until you reach a trapdoor.
  • Go down the trapdoor and go south.(WARNING: If inventory is full, your greegree will be dropped to the floor upon entering the dungeon.)

Below is a map of Kruk's Dungeon. The correct path differs from player to player:

If you fall into the lower levels of the dungeon while failing an agility obstacle, you will fall into a pit that is filled with maniacal monkeys in a multi-combat area, pray melee immediately or you will die.
  • Navigate the maze via the agility path to the east or the tank pathway to the south until you find a chest with a bronze key (agility path) or a combat damaged key (tank pathway) inside of it.
  • Go through the bronze door in the area and continue to navigate to find Kruk. Beyond this point you should pray ranged when you fall down.
  • Before you cross the dodgy ground into Kruk's room, investigate the wall to reveal a shortcut you can use to return.
  • Kill Kruk (fight is instanced) and pick up Kruk's paw.
  • Go to Zooknock with the paw and a monkey talisman and make a Kruk monkey greegree out of Kruk's paw. Keep this and use it whenever on Ape Atoll from this point onwards. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to Awowogei.
  • Talk to Garkor.

Chapter III[edit | edit source]

Items required: 20 coins, m'speak amulet, Kruk greegree, weapon and armour. Recommended: chisel, hammer, Ape Atoll teleport, Trollheim teleport, ring of dueling, food.

  • Teleport to Trollheim using standard spellbook teleport or stony basalt and enter the Troll Stronghold.
  • Go southwest of the entrance into the room with Kob.
  • Activate Protect from Melee and talk to Kob. (Chat 111) Fight Kob until he gives up.
    • Kob can hit through prayer, and deals up to 57 damage if you do not use protect from Melee!.
    • There is a safespot that can be used by standing in the doorway.
  • Talk to Kob again.
  • Make your way to Gu'Tanoth. Follow the western path to the end until you see Keef.
  • Activate Protect from Melee and talk to Keef.(Chat 121) Fight him until he gives up.
    • Like Kob, Keef can hit through protection prayers.
    • There is a tree that can be used as a safespot.
  • Talk to Garkor.
  • Find and talk to Assistant Le Smith (Chat 1211) somewhere on the rooftops of Ape Atoll buildings. His location varies as follows.
    • Top floor of the jail (Access through food shop)
    • On top of the main gate.
    • Top floor of the building west of the rune stall. (Access through the basement of the building to the east, search the crates for the entrance)
    • Top floor of the broken building next to the Monkey Child and aunt.
  • Talk to Garkor.
  • Go to the west side of the island and talk to the monkey guard (Chat 112) next to a boat to go to the airship platform.
A labelled map of the airship platform.
  • Navigate your way through the maze without being caught by the ninja monkeys. You will need to pick up 6 satchels, fill them with explosives, then use them in 6 different locations. Any explosives that have already been placed will remain even if caught.
    • Make your way to the east wall of the ground floor. Move past the (cyan) ladder on the north side and climb the (green) ladder in the east.
    • Go south then west and climb down the (blue) ladder. Navigate to the end and pick up 6 satchels.
    • Go back to the first (cyan) ladder of the ground floor on the north wall and climb it.
    • Climb down the next (red) ladder you find. Follow the path North to reach the explosives.
    • Click the barrel to fill all 6 satchels. If you get caught from this point on, you will need to come back here to fill your satchels again.
    • Climb back up the (red) ladder and go south. Use a satchel on the weakened floorboards.
    • Go back to the ground floor using the (cyan) ladder on the north wall.
    • Go south and place a satchel on the support beams to the east.
    • Take the (green) ladder on the east side of the ground floor.
    • Take the west path, cross the vines, then take the north route at the fork to the end. Place a satchel on the weakened floorboards there.
    • Go back to the (green) ladder on the middle floor and climb up to the top floor. Go south and place a satchel on the gas container.
    • Go north and place another satchel on the gas cylinder there.
    • Make your way to the ground floor and go back towards the boat. Place a satchel on the support beams found in the west fork near the entrance.
  • Go back to the boat, you can get caught to make it faster.
  • Talk to Garkor.
  • Enter the trapdoor to the dungeon you fought Kruk in.
  • Go north to find monkey bars. Equip your Kruk greegree and use the monkey bars.
  • Enter the passage into Glough's laboratory.
  • Climb on the stunted demonic gorilla and go down the stairs.
  • Kill the gorillas. Use Protect from Melee if necessary.
  • Use Holding area to dismount the stunted demonic gorilla.
  • Search the crates for a chisel and hammer.
  • Go upstairs and tamper with the device to the north.
  • Use the chisel on the charged onyx, then use the deconstructed onyx on the device.
  • Investigate an incubation chamber.
  • Talk to Garkor.
  • Talk to Awowogei.
  • Talk to Garkor again.

Chapter IV[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to King Narnode in the Gnome Stronghold.
  • Talk to Nieve. (Chat 11)
  • Walk around the Gnome Stronghold, and kill 4 tortured gorillas until Nieve notifies you to find Garkor.

Chapter V[edit | edit source]

  • Gear up with 2 attack styles and go northwest of the Grand Tree to Garkor. (near the swamp toad and king worm swamp and the tortoise enclosure)
  • Talk to Garkor and leave the gnome stronghold.
  • Go northeast and enter the cave. This cave is instanced. You will lose any items not protected on death! Only bring items you are willing to lose.
  • Follow the path to Glough.
  • Kill the 2 tortured gorillas and 2 demonic gorillas. It's recommended to kill one tortured gorilla, then the Demonic gorilla that jumps down. Then proceed to kill the other tortured gorilla and demonic gorilla.
  • At this point you can safely teleport out and restock. Only bring items you are willing to lose. Glough can hit 66 with his melee attack and 40+ with his ranged attack.
  • Go to the next room and attack Glough until he moves on to the next room. He can be safespotted in this first room.
  • In this second room, lure Glough back to the first room and hug the north wall two squares past the divot to safe spot him with ranged/magic (because praying ranged does not protect you) until he moves on to the next room.
  • In the final room, kill Glough. It is recommended to use protect from melee if you're close to Glough and protect from magic if you're at a distance. He will try to push/pull you depending on your location.
  • Talk to Zooknock, he will teleport you to the king.
  • Talk to King Narnode.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Monkey Madness II reward scroll.png