Monkey bars (Edgeville Dungeon)

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The monkey bars is an Agility shortcut found within the Edgeville Dungeon. An Agility level of 15 is required to traverse these monkey bars. This obstacle allows access to the part of the Edgeville dungeon that contains earth warriors, the area is mostly used by people doing Earth warriors as their Wilderness Slayer task. Some people use the monkey bars as an "AFK" way to train Agility, as with the right camera placement you are able to keep the mouse in one spot and continuously click - which is considerable easier than the ordinary Agility courses, in regards to the level focus needed.

BEWARE that the monkey bars are located in the wilderness, so you might run into PK'ers.

Agility info[edit | edit source]

Monkey bars
Level required Agility 15
Agility XP 20 xp
Type Shortcut