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Gielinor's monkey population possesses an advanced language that is unintelligible to most other races. By wearing a monkeyspeak amulet (or completing Monkey Madness II), it is possible to understand the monkey language as English. Otherwise, it appears as unintelligible babble, depending on the type of monkey.

Ape Atoll and Ardougne Zoo[edit | edit source]

The monkeys in Ape Atoll and the Ardougne Zoo both speak identically, using a generative language consisting of the following phrases:

  • Ah Ah!
  • Ah Uh Ah!
  • Ah!
  • Ook Ah Ook!
  • Ook Ah Uh!
  • Ook Ook!
  • Ook!
  • Ook.

To form a full dialogue line, between 8 and 10 words are chosen, according to the following pseudocode:

phrases = [
    'Ah Ah!',
    'Ah Uh Ah!',
    'Ook Ah Ook!',
    'Ook Ah Uh!',
    'Ook Ook!',

dialogue = ""
while dialogue.count(" ") < 8:
    dialogue += random.choice(phrases) + " "

All Ape Atoll monkeys, with the exception of The Monkey's Aunt (who uses three copies of this sort of sentence), speak this language variant.

Mos Le'Harmless[edit | edit source]

The species native to Mos Le'Harmless speaks a slightly simplified version, with the only dialogue being:

  • "Eeekeek ookeek!", when talking to a monkey throughout the jungle
  • "Eeek! Eeek! Ook!", when talking to a monkey in Trouble Brewing

Kharidian Desert[edit | edit source]

The monkeys that help with magic carpets speak a seemingly distinct language, with the following dialogue:

  • "Ukkuk oook! Eeek aka, ahh aka gonk." in normal talking situations
  • "Uruk aka oook! Eeek aka, ahh aka ook." when receiving a banana