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Monster attributes are characteristics of monsters that cause certain strengths, vulnerabilities, or effects in combat.

Attributes that cause vulnerabilities does not necessarily mean that the damage boosting weapons will be the best weapon to use. Players should consider the monsters defensive stats as well as their own stats and equipment to determine the best combat style to use. Note: Damage-boosting gear may not always be the best to use against a certain monsters.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Attributes Examples Damage boosts Other effects (not exhaustive)
Demon Demons, K'ril Tsutsaroth Demonbane weapons
Draconic Dragons, Hydra, Vorkath, Wyverns, Wyrms Dragonbane weapons
Fiery Dragons, fire giant, pyrefiend Pearl bolts (e)
Golem Golems found Below Ice Mountain Barronite mace
Kalphite Kalphites, scarabs Keris, Keris partisan
Leafy Kurask, turoth, King Kurask Leaf-bladed weapons
Penance Penance Fighter, Penance Ranger Barbarian Assault attacker role
  • The base damage of the player is increased by their Attacker level
Shade Loar Shade, Fiyr Shade, Riyl Shade Gadderhammer
  • Gadderhammer deals 25% more damage and has a 1/20 chance to deal double damage.
Spectral Ghosts, Spiritual creatures, Barrows brothers
Undead Aberrant spectre, Banshee, Revenants, Skeleton, Zombie Salve amulet
Vampyre Count Draynor, Vyrewatch, Vampyre Juvinate Rod of ivandis, Ivandis flail, Blisterwood flail
  • Ivandis flail has increased damage
  • Different effects per vampyre "tier", see attribute page
Xerician Chambers of Xeric monsters Twisted bow
  • Twisted bow's damage modifier caps at 350 Magic instead of 250 when attacking these monsters