Morytania Campaign

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The Morytania campaign was an event in the late Third Age in the vampyre-controlled region of Morytania. Six brothers (now known as the Barrows Brothers) named Ahrim, Dharok, Verac, Karil, Guthan and Torag, led a crusade consisting of several thousand Saradominist forces, including mercenaries and hired hands. The aim of the campaign was to reverse the damage done by Lord Drakan, who had conquered Hallowvale.

After the nation had fallen to Drakan's continued raids, the Saradominists west of Morytania formed an army of the strongest warriors they could muster, including six young and promising brothers who had been provided power, weapons and armour by the Zarosian Mahjarrat Sliske. With a force of several thousand men, and the six brothers at their head, the crusaders left their humble homes in the west and crossed the River Salve into Morytania.

Meiyerditch, the city at which the campaign ended.

There have been many claims as to the great deeds of the Morytania Campaign, and of course, the accomplishments of the brothers themselves. Most notable sources of the crusade are the crumbling tome found in a small, unnamed settlement, and a variation of that story that was sent into Varrock Library entitled The Fall of Six. The forces of Saradomin pushed their way through Morytania with strength and valour, and each time they were attacked by Zamorak's forces, the brothers fought their way through, rallying the troops and downing far more enemies than could ever have been expected of six young fighters. The battles that were fought were some of the most decisive Saradominist victories in the whole of the God Wars, and Drakan's losses were considerable.

Lord Drakan, one of the most important participants.

However, though the Barrows Brothers led their men well, there was always a pall of fear hanging over them. As the campaign pressed on through the swamps, and neared its end, Sliske, who had followed the campaign from its beginning, decided to finally relinquish his "blessing". As the Saradominists reached the walls of Drakan's city of Darkmeyer, the Mahjarrat appeared to them:

The time has come, my warriors. The gifts I bestowed upon you have served you well, and you, in turn, have served your god. Now, it is time to begin your servitude to me... to my god. You shall stand ever vigilant for His return, and then you will be champions in His glorious army - we shall have victory against the usurper. But first, you must die...

As though on cue, the vampyric forces attacked once more. This time, however, the battle was a struggle. The crusaders suffered heavy casualties, and each man that died was a blow to the army. The six's efforts were not so grand; Karil's bolts would miss, Ahrim's spells would not weaken the enemy as much, Dharok lost strength, Verac did not instil fear in their hearts any longer. They suffered wounds, and eventually were forced to retreat back to their camp. That same night, thus closing the campaign with a despairing sigh, the six Barrows Brothers died.

Knowing that without their captains the campaign would end in ruination and failure, the surviving soldiers fled back across the swamps and forests, and across the River that acted as some protection for them, pausing only to bury their generals in six Barrows at the site their camp had stood. Overall, their campaign was a partial success; they had destroyed some of Drakan's forces, thus weakening him.

Conflicts with Morytania would re-ignite in 1100 of the Fourth Age, when Drakan launched an offensive against the recently founded kingdom of Misthalin through the Silvarea mountain pass. The Misthalinian victory would leave the two nations at a relative stalemate, until the modern Sanguinesti Liberation War began in the Fifth Age.