Morytania Spider Nest

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Morytania Spider Nest
Morytania Spider Nest.png
Released28 July 2021 (Update)
MusicItsy Bitsy...
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The Morytania Spider Nest is a cave found north-east of Darkmeyer. Containing araxytes that can inflict venom, the nest is visited during A Night at the Theatre quest by the player when they are tasked to obtain strange spider eggs. A skeleton, belonging to one of Daer Krand's unfortunate assistants, can be found and searched for a sticky note at the end of the cave during the quest.

After the quest, the cave becomes full of araxytes that can be killed.

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  • In RuneScape, a nearby spider hive can also be found north-east of Darkmeyer, being home to the Araxyte bosses.