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Mottled eel are fish that can be caught on Molch island using the Cormorant's glove. Requiring 73 Fishing and 68 Hunter to catch, they provide 65 fishing experience and 90 hunter experience.

Before attempting to fish them, players must speak with Alry the Angler to obtain the Cormorant's glove. This item functions similarly to the Falconer's glove used in the hunter skill. Players must click on rapidly moving fishing spots and can obtain a variety of fish, including the Mottled eel.

Mottled eel require no bait to catch directly, however King worms are initially required to feed the cormorant. After catching a Mottled eel, a knife can be used to cut the eel to obtain stackable Fish chunks which can be used as a substitute for the king worms. Cutting the fish provides 20 cooking experience.

Catching a Mottled eel is an elite clue challenge step.

Fishing info[edit | edit source]

Products[edit | edit source]

Fish chunks.pngFish chunks
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  • Cooking 1
  • Cooking 20