Mount Karuulm

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The summit of Mount Karuulm.
Mount Karuulm map.png
Location on World Map
Unknown Mount Karuulm Lovakengj
Farming Guild

Mount Karuulm is a volcano found in the northern edge of the Kebos Lowlands. It is inhabited by the Tasakaal, ancient TzHaar that have left the Karamja Volcano long ago. This volcano is unique in that it is sulphurous, giving the lava a bluish appearance due to the combination of sulphuric gases and lava, and is the only known sulphurous volcano in Gielinor.

On the summit, a small Kahlith settlement can be found, with the entrance to the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon and the Slayer Master Konar quo Maten. Players can reach the summit quicker with two agility shortcuts; the lower cliffside can be climbed with level 29 Agility, while the higher cliffside can be climbed with level 62 Agility.

Mount Karuulm can be reached by using a fairy ring (cir), or Rada's blessing 3 or 4 obtained from completing Kourend & Kebos Diary. Alternatively, the skills necklace and Farming cape provide teleports to the nearby Farming Guild south-west.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mount Karuulm is inspired by the real-life Ijen volcano in Indonesia, which is famous for its electric-blue sulphuric flames that can be seen at night due to the volcano's composition.
A concept art of the city of Keruulm.
  • Mount Karuulm was originally proposed to be the city of Keruulm, an ancient city found in a dormant volcano. To enter the remains of the volcano and access the city, high Strength and Agility levels were required. Here, players would find the Tasakaal, an incredibly strong and ancient race who were born and bred guardians. They were also slayers who aim to maintain balance of life and death, and embraced death as part of life.