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Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Talk to Hamal the Chieftain in the Mountain Camp east of Rellekka. To get in, take the path north of the Golden Apple Tree and use a rope on the rock behind the guard (see below for more details).
Official difficultyIntermediate
DescriptionAges ago, a small tribe of people split off from the Fremennik in Rellekka and decided to inhabit the mountains to the east of town. There they lived as nomads for many years, but now the chieftain of the camp has lost his daughter and will not move on before she has been found. Has she run away, has she been eaten by trolls, or is there something more sinister going on? Only you can find out.
Official lengthMedium
Items required
Enemies to defeat

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting out[edit | edit source]

Map of the Mountain Camp.
  • Head to the entrance of the mountain camp east of Rellekka or north of the ajr fairy ring.
  • Take the path north, past the guard, and use your rope on a boulder you can push to get around.
  • Head into the camp and talk to Hamal the Chieftain. (Chat 111) (or (Chat 211) with The Fremennik Trials completed)

Crisis[edit | edit source]

  • Dig some mud from the mud pond south of Hamal's house.
    • If you do not have a staff, go north of Hamal's house and take a pole. Keep this throughout the quest.
  • Go north, following the path along the lake westward.
  • Use the mud on the tall tree then climb it. You do *not* need to do this again for subsequent climbs.
  • Use your pole or staff on the clump of rocks to pole vault over.
  • Use your plank on the flat stones. Keep this throughout the quest.
  • Listen to the shining pool. (Chat 2211)
  • Use your plank on the flat stone to return to shore.

Making Peace[edit | edit source]

Note: Both tasks requested by Asleif (regarding Rellekka and finding a new food source) can be started at the same time. This reduces going back to the Mountain Camp multiple times.

The area that Svidi roams within.
  • Talk to Hamal the Chieftain about the people of Rellekka. (Chat 21)
  • Search for Svidi between Rellekka and the entrance to Keldagrim. (Chat 2)
  • Go to Rellekka and talk to Brundt the Chieftain in the longhall. (Chat 11) or (Chat 21) if Lunar Diplomacy started/completed.
  • Return to the Mountain Camp, and enter the large tent south-west of Hamal the Chieftain.
  • Use your pickaxe on the Ancient Rock located in the southern tent to get half a rock.
  • Take this back to Rellekka, and talk to Brundt the Chieftain (Chat 1) or (Chat 2) if Lunar Diplomacy started/completed, who will give you the guarantee of safe passage.
  • Take the guarantee to Svidi. You do not need to check on Svidi afterward.
  • Return to Hamal the Chieftain. (Chat 2)

The White Pearl[edit | edit source]

The Kendal[edit | edit source]

Item required: Axe, Pole/Staff, Plank

Prepare to fight a level 70 creature that only uses melee.

  • Speak to the shining pool again (remember to use the pole/staff and plank).
  • Cross the gap back to shore without the plank, as this will put you closer to the cave.
  • Follow the northern path east to a cave.
  • Chop down the trees blocking your path (make sure you are facing east)
  • Enter the cave
  • Talk to The Kendal. (Chat 123221)
  • Kill The Kendal. He can be safespotted utilizing skeletons around the room.
  • Take the corpse of woman
  • Return to Hamal the Chieftain. (Chat 11)
  • Gather 5 muddy rocks from around the camp.
  • Talk to Ragnar near the tall tree by the lake to get Asleif's necklace.
  • Return to the shining pool and bury the corpse.
  • Use the muddy rocks on the burial mound.(You make the mound by burying the corpse on the island.)

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Mountain Daughter reward scroll.png