Mountain Tribe

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The Mountain Tribe is a group of formerly nomadic people that inhabit the Mountain Camp in the mountain range in the eastern Fremennik Province. They were formerly nomadic, but recently settled down due to the disappearance of one of their people.

History[edit | edit source]

The Mountain Tribe's ancestors are Fremennik. They lived a simple life, hunting, fishing, and travelling throughout the Fremennik Province so as not to exhaust the land's rich resources.

Eventually, the Fremenniks abandoned their nomadic way of life, creating the village of Rellekka in the Fourth Age. While this improved the life of most Fremenniks, some disagreed with this way of living. These people left the Fremenniks, grouping together to form the Mountain Tribe. The two tribes were somewhat bitter towards each other for a long time after.

Many years later, the Fremenniks discovered Rune Essence. This caused a great struggle within the tribe; some believed the Fremenniks could use the magics of the essence for defence. Others believed that the rocks were not meant for mortals, and that the gods would destroy them if they used it. The tension grew until many more Fremenniks departed for Lunar Isle, where they would form the Moon Clan.

Taking advantage of the Fremenniks' temporary vulnerability, the Mountain Tribe attacked Rellekka, taking with them the rock, which they believed sacred. The two tribes avoided contact from that point on.

For many years the Mountain Tribe wandered, never remaining in one area for long. Approximately fourteen years ago, however, their leader, Hamal the Chieftain, ordered the tribe to stop moving. His daughter had mysteriously disappeared, and so the tribe remained in one area, searching fruitlessly for her.

An adventurer soon discovered that she had been killed by a man impersonating The Kendal, a god of the tribe. The tribe had adapted to staying in one place so long, that Hamal the Chieftain decided that it was best not to move again.