Mounted Head Space (Getting Ahead)

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This article is about quest-related mounting space. For player-owned house mounting space, see Head trophy space.
Mounted Head Space
Mounted Head Space (Getting Ahead).png
Released25 November 2020 (Update)
QuestGetting Ahead
LocationKebos Lowlands
ExamineI could build a mounted head here.
Advanced data
Object ID40360

Mounted Head Space is a hotspot found during the Getting Ahead quest. Two planks, six nails of any kind, and 26 Construction are required to mount the bloody head. No experience is granted for mounting the bloody head.

If the player lacks the required construction materials, the chatbox will state: You do not have the required items to do that. You need a Saw, a Hammer, a Bloody Head, 2 Planks and 6 Nails of any kind.

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