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A male player wearing full mourner gear.

Mourner gear is worn by Mourners and is obtained as part of the Mourning's End Part I quest. This set of clothing is required in that quest and the subsequent quests Mourning's End Part II and Song of the Elves. It is first obtained by killing a level 11 Mourner in the Arandar pass during Mourning's End Part I, and can subsequently be obtained by killing the higher level Mourners in the Mourner headquarters. The full set can be stored in an armour case in the costume room of a player-owned house.

Note: if you plan on teleporting after this battle your Magic level will be reduced to 20 so without a restore potion, the only teleports you will be able to cast are home teleport. Go to Arandar (the overpass that you use to enter the elven lands), with 7 inventory spaces free, and kill a level 11 Mourner on the western side of the mountain (in Arandar, north of Lletya). When you start the battle, the Mourner will throw a potion at you that will reduce all of your combat stats including Hitpoints and Prayer to 20. You should still be able to kill the Mourner if you have a good weapon. Also note that if you one-hit the mourner, your stats will not be reduced, so long as the mourner doesn't attack you.

During the battle with the Mourner in Mourning's End Part I, the Mourner trousers will be torn and the Mourner top stained with blood. These items obviously cannot be worn, and will require some repairing and cleaning. The top needs to be cleaned with soap, and a bucket of water. Soap can be obtained in Taverley, by stealing Tegid's soap. The trousers need to be sewn with 2 pieces of silk and a bear fur. Players will have to take it to the seamstress in Lletya to repair the torn trousers. You can easily travel there with a teleport crystal.

The gear must be worn in order to access the Mourner headquarters in West Ardougne to get to the Dark beasts, runite ore, and the east entrance of the Temple of Light to the Death altar. Wearing the gear also unlocks unique dialogue with the citizens in West Ardougne and certain NPCs in East Ardougne, such as Elena.

The gear can be reobtained by killing a level 108 Mourner under the Mourner's Headquarters. Players can reach this area by using the Dark Beasts teleport on a Slayer Ring. You can also reobtain the gear via the method used in Mourning's End Part I.

After completion of Song of the Elves the gear can be obtained by searching the chest in front of the burgundy-coloured bed under the Mourner's Headquarters.

Components[edit | edit source]

Item Examine
Gas mask.png Gas mask Stops me from breathing nasty stuff!
Mourner top.png Mourner top A thick heavy leather top.
Mourner trousers.png Mourner trousers A pair of mourner trousers.
Mourner boots.png Mourner boots Comfortable leather boots.
Mourner gloves.png Mourner gloves These will keep my hands warm!
Mourner cloak.png Mourner cloak A dull brown cape.