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Movario chathead.png

Movario is a mage, scholar and treasure hunter found in the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon.

A Pendant of lucien can be acquired by pickpocketing him; no experience is gained from doing so. He is located in the Dorgesh-Kaan South Caves Agility Dungeon which requires 70 Agility in order to enter. Pickpocketing Movario is a requirement for the Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary. The diary task will be completed regardless of whether you already own the Pendant of Lucien or not, as you can still successfully check the contents of his pockets.

In order to reach him, you will need a mith grapple with any crossbow, as well as 70 Ranged and 70 Strength. At the start of the agility course, grapple across the pylon and he is on the first island along with Darve, his bodyguard.

There are additional dialogue options for wearing the pendant of lucien and claiming "to be one of you guys", and with the ring of charos allowing the player to earn their trust and get more details to their plans.

Pickpocketing[edit | edit source]

A successful pickpocket attempt will gain the following loot:

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Pendant of lucien.png: Movario drops Pendant of lucien with rarity Always in quantity 1Pendant of lucien1AlwaysNot sold7

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Talking to Movario or his assistant Darve yields the following conversation:

Darve: "What's the device saying now?"

Movario: "I don't know. It's giving strange readings..."

Movario: "I'm not sure it's working any more."

Darve: "This is a wild goose chase! We trek halfway across the world and there's nothing down her but this bunch of useless goblins!"

Movario: "I am sure my triangulation calculations indicated that the source of power was in this rough area..."

Movario: "I find it encouraging that it's pointed to somewhere where there actually are caves."

Darve: "This part of the world is riddled with caves! It's hard not to hit a cave around here! Are you sure you're not just picking up these goblin lanterns or something stupid?"

Movario: "You should have more faith in my skills as a mage! I've been working on this for years."

Darve: "Gah! We have an eavesdropper! Buzz off, adventurer - go talk to the goblins or something."

The player can then select either "Okay, I won't bother you." which ends the conversation or "What are you looking for?" to which Darve replies: "None of your business!"

A third option is available if the player is wearing the Pendant of Lucian. The option being "Hey, i'm one of you guys! See this pendant? " Darvel: "Where did you come from? Who sent you? I'll have you know im the mages bodyguard for this Job! We dont need anyone else!"

The player can then select one of three options: "No one sent me, im just nosy" or "Lucian sent me" both of this options quickly end the conversation, however if the player is wearing the ring of charos(a) the third option of "[charm] i'm sure you're a much better bodyguard than me..." this option gains the trust of both Movario and Darvel who then go into more details about their plans.