Muddy chest

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The Muddy chest is a locked chest located in the centre of Lava Maze. It can only be opened with a Muddy key, consuming one key each time the chest is opened.

Opening the Muddy Chest is required in the Medium Wilderness Achievement Diary.

Players attempting to loot this chest should beware of player killers as it is in level 43 Wilderness. If attacked by a PKer, the closest escape routes are descending into the Lava Maze Dungeon or using the stepping stones north of the fenced area (requires 82 Agility and completion of the Hard Wilderness Diary).

Two lesser demons reside near the chest.

Loot[edit | edit source]

At current prices, the loot from one key is worth 4,041 coins, and a net profit of -189 coins.

Assuming you have at most 1 other item in your inventory and want to keep all the loot, you can take 6 keys to end up with full inventory of loot. (6*4 + 3 = 27) If you discard/alch the daggers, you can take 8 keys. (8*3 + 3 = 27)

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Uncut ruby.png: Muddy chest drops Uncut ruby with rarity Always in quantity 1Uncut ruby1Always1,29260
Mithril bar.png: Muddy chest drops Mithril bar with rarity Always in quantity 1Mithril bar1Always600180
Mithril dagger.png: Muddy chest drops Mithril dagger with rarity Always in quantity 1Mithril dagger1Always75195
Anchovy pizza.png: Muddy chest drops Anchovy pizza with rarity Always in quantity 1Anchovy pizza1Always67636
Law rune.png: Muddy chest drops Law rune with rarity Always in quantity 2Law rune2Always288288
Death rune.png: Muddy chest drops Death rune with rarity Always in quantity 2Death rune2Always410216
Chaos rune.png: Muddy chest drops Chaos rune with rarity Always in quantity 10Chaos rune10Always700540