My Arm's Big Adventure

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My Arm's Big Adventure is the fourth quest in the Troll series. In the quest you must aid My Arm, a young troll who wishes to prove himself by growing his own goutweed. This necessitates gathering goutweed tubers, teaching My Arm how to farm, and fighting a Giant Roc which takes poorly to My Arm's farming attempt.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting the adventure[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Climbing boots or 12 coins, one bucket (can be found next to the cooking pot at Death Plateau)

Recommended: 3 Ugthanki dung with 7 supercompost and a spade

Burntmeat discovers goutweed underneath the dragon platelegs.

Travel to the Troll Stronghold, and speak to Burntmeat in the kitchens; he's on the south side on the floor below the one you enter. He has heard that humans can grow goutweed, and wonders if you can help. You should see a short cutscene with a fellow adventurer in a cooking pot, and his dragon armour strewn over the floor. He wants his assistant to learn how to farm, and his assistant is called My Arm.

My Arm is at the back of the room; talk to him, and he will tell you he needs the goutweed lump from the cooking pot at Death Plateau. My Arm will tell you to talk to Burntmeat who will give you directions for getting to Death Plateau (though it is probably quicker to use a games necklace). There's two ways of getting there, but regardless of which way you choose, you will need the climbing boots. Be careful, as there are several large aggressive mountain trolls in this area, so wearing decent armour is recommended!

Way 1[edit | edit source]

Follow Burntmeat's instructions. Head north through the door, continue north, then go east through another door before proceeding downstairs. You're now down by the jail cells, go all the way south past the two troll guards, and exit the caves. Once you're out, head east and climb over some rocks. The path will split up, head down the southern one and climb over some more rocks (there's a mountain goat down this path). Finally, go east and climb down to Death Plateau.

Way 2[edit | edit source]

Use a games necklace to teleport to Burthorpe with some coins; travel to the west, and buy some climbing boots off Tenzing for 12 coins. Then, climb up to Death Plateau, and use Protect from Missiles along the way past the injured soldier.

Death Plateau[edit | edit source]

Once there, pick up the bucket in a nearby hut, and search the cooking pot to get the Goutweedy lump. Travel back to the Troll Stronghold, and talk to My Arm again. He will take you outside to the roof, where he does his farming. Speak to him again when you're up there, and he will give you a farming manual.

Fertiliser[edit | edit source]

You now need to get three buckets of Ugthanki dung, and seven supercompost, if you haven't brought those already. There are two ways to obtain Ugthanki dung.

First way[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Camulet, gloves, 3 buckets and a spade.

Travel to Al Kharid, wear your camulet, and talk to the camel just outside the bank, he will produce some dung for you, you will need three buckets and a spade to collect it. Simply use the buckets on the dung to collect it. Note: If you have lost your camulet, you can get another one by talking to Lazim on the top floor of Enakhra's Temple.

Second way[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Red hot sauce, gloves, 3 buckets and a spade.

If you haven't got a Camulet nor done Enakhra's Lament, you can head to Pollnivneach and get some there. Get the red hot sauce and use it on the food trough, wait a bit and you will see dung on the ground, you will need three buckets and a spade to collect it. Simply use the buckets on the dung to collect it.

Items needed: 7 supercompost, 3 Ugthanki dung and a spade.

Once you have the Ugthanki dung and 7 buckets of supercompost, head back to My Arm, in the Troll Stronghold kitchen, who will lead you to the ladder where the new farming patch is located. Climb up the ladder, then treat the patch with seven supercompost and three Ugthanki dung while carrying a spade in the inventory. The patch is indicated by a farming icon.

Note: The Fertile Soil spell from the Lunar spellbook and the Bottomless compost bucket do not work.

Karamja[edit | edit source]

Items needed: None if you already have 60% favour in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup. If not, you'll need a machete, or at least 60 coins to buy one from the store north-west of the village.

The player and My Arm heading to Karamja.

Talk to My Arm - you now need to go to Karamja to get some goutweed tubers from Tai Bwo Wannai. You'll see a short cutscene on the docks of Ardougne, and a scene on the ship. Once you arrive at Brimhaven, My Arm will run off and says he will meet you at Tai Bwo Wannai. Find My Arm just east of the general store and north of the calquat patch. Talk to him and then head to the village.

Go south to the shop, buy a machete and an antipoison potion (if you haven't already gotten 60% favour), go towards the general store, and you should find My Arm again east from the general store. Go southeast and talk to Murcaily, who is found right next to the gate to the Hardwood Grove. He runs the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup game. He will let you have some hardy goutweed tubers if you get 60% in the cleanup game. Get 60% in the cleanup game. If you ever plan on completing the Karamja Achievement Diary, it might be a good idea getting 100% favour (a medium task) before spending the 60% on the goutweed tuber.

Talk to Murcaily again when you have 60%, and he will give you a hardy gout tuber; a cutscene will follow when My Arm causes some havoc around the Village, and Murcaily will give you lots of hardy gout tubers.

Talk to My Arm again - he suggests you go back to the bank to get some food because of some "large birds" on top of the mountain. Say goodbye briefly to My Arm at the Ardougne docks, and go to the bank. You will need to ensure your tool leprechaun is fully stocked with tools, and also take a plant cure and a spade with you. You should take good armour and a weapon, plus decent food. Prayer potions will help a little, but food should be your main priority.

The Rocs[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Hardy gout tubers, 69 coins or a rake, seed dibber, spade, a plant cure. Remember to bring food for the boss fight to save time.

Items kept on death.png
This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death, all unprotected items will be moved to a grave outside the instance. Any items left on the ground will be lost.

Go back to the top of the Troll Stronghold where My Arm is. You need to give My Arm the stuff to plant his tubers, as if you were planting them yourself. There is a tool leprechaun nearby on top of the mountain so you can retrieve or buy tools as necessary from him. However, the leprechaun disappears during the fight (in a moment), so remember to take a spade out too if you don't already have one! In order, you need to give My Arm:

After the goutweed is planted, a certain drunken dwarf will appear, before getting unceremoniously hurled off the roof of the stronghold by My Arm and eaten by an unnamed troll child.

After the goutweed finishes growing, a bird will swoop down and attack - it is only a level 75 Baby Roc and defeating it should be fairly easy.

An ideal spot to fight the Giant Roc. Note that you can still get hurt by the wing blasts and ranged attacks.
Warning: Once you have killed the little Roc, a far more dangerous level 172 Giant Roc will attack. It uses both strong Melee attacks, which blast you backwards unless you have your back against a rock, and Ranged attacks as well. It is recommended that you use Protect from Missiles prayer, and eat when required. (The Roc's ranged attack is dodgeable, but requires a good rhythm which is disrupted every time the Roc pushes you around.) If you move several spots away before the rock hits, you won't take damage. My Arm will also attack the bird, but his attacks only tend to hit 1 or 2, so don't rely on this. (You can use magic, but he has weaknesses to melee and ranged.)

Once you have killed it, talk to My Arm again; he now needs a spade to dig up the goutweed, and then, he will tell you to talk to Burntmeat. If you forgot to withdraw a spade, go down the ladder and then back up - the leprechaun will have returned. Talk to Burntmeat, he will give you a great reward - you guessed it, a full inventory of burnt meat!

Talk to My Arm again to get some better rewards and finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

My Arm's Big Adventure reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

My Arm's Big Adventure is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you have a gout tuber in your bank or inventory when first talking to My Arm, you will attempt to offer it instead of going to Death Plateau. However, My Arm is very stubborn and refuses.
  • Depending where your house is, your character will reference its location and tells My Arm that he's never coming over.
  • If during the part of the quest where he shows you his farming patch you already have the Ugthanki dung in your inventory, he will point out that you stink.
  • Qutiedoll made his second appearance after the Draynor Bank Robbery during the Rumble in the Jungle cutscene when he was attacked by My Arm.
  • During a cutscene, My Arm throws the Drunken Dwarf off the roof of the Troll Stronghold and an unnamed young troll comes up to him. After the quest, the troll's name has changed to Drunken Dwarf's Leg.
  • During the first cutscene, if you try to take any of the items on the floor, the cutscene will stop and Burntmeat will tell you to start paying attention. If using a 3rd party client, it is possible to see the high alchemy value of these items are all 4gp - abnormal for items such as an abyssal whip.
  • If you have completed the Swan Song quest and ask for the dragon equipment as your reward just after the first cutscene, you will complain that this is just like the Wise Old Man not giving you his blue partyhat at the end of the quest.
  • My Arm uses a spade in his animation to harvest his healthy goutweed. Normally, players would harvest healthy herbs by picking them and clear dead herbs with a spade.
  • After the quest, My Arm grows goutweed continually next to the disease-free herb patch on the roof of the stronghold. If you try to pick the goutweed when it is fully grown, your character will say: "This is My Arm's problem now".
  • While My Arm is picking goutweed, if you gain a farming level he will congratulate you.
  • When receiving the hardy gout tuber from Murcaily, the tuber will be placed in the last slot. If that slot is already occupied, your inventory will be reorganised to sort all empty spaces above the tubers.
  • After the quest, if you speak to Captain Barnaby in the Ardougne docks he will exclaim "Oh no, it's you again!".
  • When speaking about Troll names being strange, My Arm states that humans have strange names also. He will then mention the name of the player that My Arm last spoke to.
  • If you have completed the Swan Song quest, during the first cutscene on the ship My Arm will mention that trolls don't like the sea. The player then mentions the sea trolls fought during Swan Song. My Arm will not believe you, and say that they are not real trolls.
  • During a cutscene in Tai Bwo Wannai, My Arm says "Da Rumble in da Jungle!". This is a reference to The Rumble in the Jungle; an historic boxing event in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The fight saw Muhammad Ali defeat George Foreman.
  • The title of the quest is an innuendo.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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