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Mysterious Old Man chathead.png
Mysterious Old Man (underwater) chathead.png

The Mysterious Old Man is a man who can teleport you to the Maze and Mime random event, or just hands out items in a similar way to Rick Turpentine to Free-to-play players. In the Maze random event you must complete the labyrinth as quickly as possible (for better rewards), and in the Mime random even you need to copy the movements of the mime artist.

A player interacting with the Mysterious Old Man.

Before the Optional Randoms update, would also occasionally give the player a strange box instead of teleporting them off to the Maze or the Mime, unless their inventory was full. The strange box presented the played with a puzzle asking them which shape contains which number or which number is in which shape. The rewards from this random could be very generous, as you could get a half key from the Mysterious prize box.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Mysterious Old Man appeared before the Bandits of the Golden Claw on two occassions. During the first he appeared before the group, who were not sure how he got into the cave system, only leaving after Davey spoke to him.[1] On the second occassion, the group ignored the Mysterious Old Man, resulting in them being teleported away.[2]
  • If the Mysterious Old Man spawns underwater, he will be wearing diving gear.
  • The Mysterious Old Man can be found upstairs in a house in eastern Falador, saying he is trying to solve a puzzle-cube and that he is retired.

References[edit | edit source]

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