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Not to be confused with Ancient emblem.
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A mysterious emblem is an item that can be traded in to the Emblem Trader for bounties, which can be used to purchase items from the Bounty Hunter Store. It can be obtained in several ways:

  • Killing the player's assigned target on the official Bounty Hunter world, while having a mysterious emblem in the inventory. The opponent's combat level determines the drop rate.
  • Killing Wilderness bosses on the official Bounty Hunter world.
  • Killing various monsters assigned by Krystilia. Bosses and monsters assigned by her can drop the emblems outside of Bounty Hunter worlds.

Mysterious emblems cannot be dropped. Unlike most items, mysterious emblems have a seven second timer before being destroyed, in order to prevent players from destroying them mid-combat to deny their killer the emblem as loot.

They can be sold to the Bandit Duty Free general store starting at 30,000 coins each. This is beneficial because it can give a much better return compared to selling it to the Emblem Trader for high alchemy items.

A tier 10 emblem is one of the materials required to construct a mounted emblem in the Achievement Gallery, requiring 80 Construction.

Tiers and upgrading[edit | edit source]

There are 10 tiers of emblem with increasing values. Once a mysterious emblem is obtained, players can either trade it in to the Emblem Trader for bounties (points), or upgrade the emblem by killing more Bounty Hunter targets. If a player is holding multiple emblems, only the highest tier emblem will be upgraded. Killing monsters assigned by Krystilia or bosses on Bounty Hunter worlds won't upgrade emblems in the player's inventory, instead the monsters will continue to drop tier 1 emblems.

The number of points granted depends on the tier of the emblem:

Emblem Bounties Emblem Bounties
Mysterious emblem.png Tier 1 50,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 6).png Tier 6 1,200,000
Mysterious emblem (tier 2).png Tier 2 100,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 7).png Tier 7 1,750,000
Mysterious emblem (tier 3).png Tier 3 200,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 8).png Tier 8 2,500,000
Mysterious emblem (tier 4).png Tier 4 400,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 9).png Tier 9 3,500,000
Mysterious emblem (tier 5).png Tier 5 750,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 10).png Tier 10 5,000,000

Death[edit | edit source]

Emblems are always lost upon death, so players will have to be willing to risk their emblem to receive an emblem in another player's possession or to upgrade them.

A mysterious emblem will be downgraded one tier as they are dropped on death. For example, if a player is killed and had a tier 9 emblem in their inventory, the victor will obtain a tier 8 emblem instead.

Drop rate formula[edit | edit source]

The drop rate of an emblem from a Wilderness Slayer assignment depends on the amount of Hitpoints a monster has.[1] The exact formula is [2].

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

Mysterious emblem (tier 1)[edit | edit source]

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Ankou75–98 Multicombat.png1Rare
Lv 86: (1/120)
Lv 98: (1/105)
Armadylian guard97 Multicombat.png11/89
Aviansie69–148 Multicombat.png11/120
Bandit22; 130 Multicombat.png11/142
Black Heather34 Multicombat.png11/137
Black demon172–292 Multicombat.png11/77
Black dragon227; 247 Multicombat.png11/60
Callisto470 Multicombat.png11/28
Chaos Elemental305 Multicombat.png11/30
Chaos Fanatic202 Multicombat.png11/43
Chaos druid13 Multicombat.png11/145
Crazy archaeologist204 Multicombat.png11/43
Dark warrior8; 145 Multicombat.png11/147
Deadly red spider34 Multicombat.png11/138
Donny the lad34 Multicombat.png11/137
Earth warrior51 Multicombat.png11/128
Elder Chaos druid129 Multicombat.png11/80
Ent86; 101 Multicombat.png11/103
Fire giant86; 104; 109 Multicombat.png11/100
Giant spider2; 27; 50 Multicombat.png11/153
Greater Skeleton Hellhound281 Multicombat.png11/60
Greater demon92–113 Multicombat.png1Varies
Lv 92: (1/112)
Lv 104: (1/95)
Green dragon79; 88 Multicombat.png11/118
Grizzly bear21; 42 Multicombat.png11/142
Guard Bandit22 Multicombat.png11/142
Hellhound122; 127; 136 Multicombat.png11/97
Ice giant53; 67 Multicombat.png11/120
Ice spider61 Multicombat.png11/123
Ice warrior57 Multicombat.png11/126
King Scorpion32 Multicombat.png11/140
Lava dragon252 Multicombat.png11/40
Lesser demon82; 87; 94 Multicombat.png1Rare
Lv 82: (1/115)
Lv 94: (1/100)
Magic axe42 Multicombat.png11/133
Mammoth80 Multicombat.png11/90
Poison spider31; 64 Multicombat.png11/123
Revenant cyclops82 Multicombat.png11/100
Revenant dark beast120 Multicombat.png11/85
Revenant demon98 Multicombat.png11/115
Revenant dragon135 Multicombat.png11/78
Revenant goblin15 Multicombat.png11/148
Revenant hellhound90 Multicombat.png11/115
Revenant hobgoblin60 Multicombat.png11/119
Revenant imp7 Multicombat.png11/150
Revenant knight126 Multicombat.png11/84
Revenant ork105 Multicombat.png11/103
Revenant pyrefiend52 Multicombat.png11/131
Rogue15; 135 Multicombat.png11/147
Scorpia225 Multicombat.png11/55
Scorpia's guardian47 Multicombat.png11/120
Scorpia's offspring (monster)15 Multicombat.png11/154
Scorpion14; 37; 38; 59 Multicombat.png11/147
Shadow spider52 Multicombat.png11/128
Skeleton21–85 Multicombat.png11/147
Skeleton Hellhound (Vet'ion)214 Multicombat.png11/100
Speedy Keith34 Multicombat.png11/137
Spider1; 24 Multicombat.png11/154
Spiritual mage120; 121; 123 Multicombat.png11/102
Spiritual ranger115; 118; 122; 127 Multicombat.png1Rare
Armadyl: (1/111)
Zamorak: (1/95)
Saradomin: (1/102)
Bandos: (1/90)
Spiritual warrior115; 123; 125; 134 Multicombat.png1Rare
Armadyl: (1/106)
Zamorak: (1/105)
Saradomin: (1/100)
Bandos: (1/90)
Venenatis464 Multicombat.png11/28
Vet'ion454 Multicombat.png11/28

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
13 June 2019
Tier 10 mysterious emblems are now tradeable on the Grand Exchange.
29 November 2018
Emblems may now be received as a drop from other players only if the killer has an emblem in their inventory. Emblems now also have a seven second timer to destroy to prevent players from destroying it mid-combat out of spite.
2 March 2017
(update | poll)
Mysterious emblems were made more common from monsters. Previously, they had a 1/12 drop rate from bosses and 1/50 from demi-bosses. Tier 1 emblems were also made tradeable on the Grand Exchange.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The tier 1 emblem bares a striking resemblance to the Ancient statuette from RuneScape 3.
  • Attempting to destroy a mysterious emblem while in combat will yield a message reading "Running away? Not so fast..." along with a 7 second cooldown, identical to the message displayed when attempting to teleport in Deadman Mode.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 7 June 2017. (Archived from the original on 25 Mar 2019.) Mod Ash: "It's calculated off the HP: 1 in (155 - (HP/2)) There's none with HP over 300, but it'd disregard values higher than that."
  2. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 4 June 2019. (Archived from the original on 4 June 2019.) Mod Ash: "It floors at every step."