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A Mysterious statue is a large stone statue with a giant monkey head and whiskers. There are 6 statues in total, and are used during the Holy Grail quest to triangulate the entrance to the realm of the Fisher King.

Mysterious statue.png

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Coordinates Faces Details
Seers' Village 10° 18' north, 9° 22' east South In the patch between the bank, the Estate agent and Camelot.
Fishing Guild 6° 28' north, 5° 33' east South-east South of the Guild, and south-west of the nearby mill.
Tower of Life 2° 15' north, 6° 31' east East Right north of the tower, west of the fairy ring.
Brimhaven 0° 19' north, 9° 29' east North West of the POH portal
Port Sarim 1° 46' north, 17° 31' east West Just west of Gerrant's fishing shop.
Taverley 8° 18' north, 15° 11' east South-west South-west of the tree farming patch and east of the Herblore shop.