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Nails can be made of any metal. Steel nails are free-to-play; Bronze, iron, mithril and higher can only be used by members. Steel nails are needed for the Dragon Slayer quest, and nails of any metal are needed for the Great Brain Robbery quest. Nails are also used in the Construction skill, but after a certain level of logs, nails are not needed. To use nails, the player needs to have a hammer in their inventory.

Item Exchange price
Bronze nails.png Bronze nails 10
Iron nails.png Iron nails 12
Steel nails.png Steel nails 20
Black nails.png Black nails 842
Mithril nails.png Mithril nails 40
Adamantite nails.png Adamant nails 133
Rune nails.png Rune nails 822