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Steel nails

Nails are metal items used in a variety of quests and for various skill applications. They can be created through Smithing on an anvil, with each bar creating 15 nails. Steel nails are the only type of nail available to free-to-play players.

Nails are most commonly used for Construction, particularly for building low-level furniture. Though most pieces of higher-tier furniture do not require nails to construct, there are some exceptions like STASH units and the bridges within the Hallowed Sepulchre. While using nails in Construction, there's a chance of bending them depending on what metal the nails are made of and the player's construction level, with the chances lowering with better nails and higher construction level. If multiple types of nails are carried at the same time, the higher tier ones are used first.

Nails are also used in Fletching to create brutal arrows, and in Crafting to create leather shields.

Item GE Price
Bronze nails.png Bronze nails 4
Iron nails.png Iron nails 13
Steel nails.png Steel nails 14
Black nails.png Black nails 2,182
Mithril nails.png Mithril nails 41
Adamantite nails.png Adamantite nails 136
Rune nails.png Rune nails 791