Natural historian

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Natural historian
Natural historian (museum).png
Released29 May 2007 (Update)
LocationVarrock Museum
ExamineAn aged expert in natural history.
Advanced data
NPC ID6002,6003,6004,6005,6006
Natural historian (museum) chathead.png

Natural Historians are biologists that have been hired by the Varrock Museum to educate visitors and gather further information regarding Gielinor's diverse animal kingdom. When players are attempting to complete the Varrock Museum exhibits, the historians can help with the Natural history quiz.

The Varrock Museum recently expanded following a donation by the government of Varrock. With it, they renovated the museum, adding new displays and hiring a number of new scientists and archeologists. Amongst those hired were the natural historians, who study the plant and animal species of Gielinor. The natural historians can be found in the museum's lowest level, where large animal displays make up the bulk of the exhibits. Each of the four sections has its own historian, who is knowledgeable about the creatures in the area. The historians will give small presentations if spoken too, which will help explain more about the creatures on display.

If players are trying to answer the History Quizzes for Orlando Smith, the information given by the natural historians will help them. After completing the quizzes, they can still be spoken to and will provide presentations.

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