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Released27 April 2022 (Update)
LocationKharidian Desert
TeleportsPharaoh's sceptre (Jaltevas)
MusicDunes of Eternity
Location on World Map
Menaphos Necropolis Eastern Sea
Eastern Sea

The necropolis is an area on the south-eastern coast of the Kharidian Desert. It is the location of the Jaltevas Pyramid, which is the currently inaccessible ancient tomb of the Pharaoh Osmumten, the last Chosen of Tumeken.

The necropolis was, for a long time, buried under the sand, until a storm came in from the south and unearthed it. Even so, not many visit it due to superstitions associated with it, such as the sand being marked by death, though it is believed that the colour of the sand is simply due to the amount of salt in it.[1]

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