New player guide/Beginner activities

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Click a table row to "check" it off. Items are in no particular order.

Activities Rewards Link
Tangible Skill Exp
Complete Cook's Assistant Quest points Cooking Quest
Complete X Marks the Spot coins.png Antique lamp (X Marks the Spot).png Clue scroll (beginner).png Quest points Quest
Complete Imp Catcher Amulet of accuracy.png Quest points Magic Quest
Cut trees in Lumbridge Logs.png Oak logs.png Woodcutting Firemaking Section
Kill chickens in Lumbridge Feather.png Raw chicken.png/Cooked chicken.png Bones.png Combat level Cooking Section
Fish and cook Shrimps in Lumbridge Swamp Shrimps.png Cooking icon.png Fishing icon.png Section
Kill cows in Lumbridge Raw beef.png Cowhide.png bones.png Combat level Cooking Section
Tan cowhides Coins.png Leather.png Crafting Section
Fly fishing Trout.png Salmon.png Fishing Cooking Section
Mine and smith ores Bronze bar.png Mining Smithing Section
Purchase the Chronicle from Diango Chronicle.png Teleport card.png Section

Cut trees in Lumbridge[edit | edit source]

  • Why: Woodcutting and Firemaking are essential for quests, so it's important to train them.
  • What you'll need: An axe and a tinderbox.
  • Considerations: You can begin cutting oak trees at level 15. Always use the best axe you can for your level. Even if your attack level isn't high enough to wield it, you can use higher tiered axes based on your Woodcutting level.

Trees are abundant around Lumbridge. Chop down normal trees, and burn their logs. As levels progress, trees are chopped faster. At level 15 Woodcutting it's recommended to switch to Oak trees, as they give more experience.

Kill chickens[edit | edit source]

  • Why: Chickens are an excellent source for early combat experience.
  • What you'll need: Combat equipment, a tinderbox, and an axe.
  • Considerations: Chickens can be crowded - remember to check the other chicken farm if the first is full.

There are two chicken locations in Lumbridge. The first is north of the Lumbridge General Store. The second is on the eastern side of the river, north of the goblin ruins. Travel to one of these chicken farms and begin killing chickens. Bury their bones, save their feathers for future trout fishing, and cook the raw chicken on a fire. Chickens don't do damage, so it's completely OK to drop most of the cooked chicken instead of using it for food. Also remember to switch attack types occasionally to train Attack, Strength, and Defence evenly.

Tip: Save the feathers for Fishing.

Fish and cook Shrimps in Lumbridge Swamp[edit | edit source]

Tip: For faster experience and levels, skip banking and drop the shrimps. A higher level can always be used to get better fish like Raw trout and Raw salmon.

Navigate southward from Lumbridge Castle through the cemetery. Along the shoreline, you will find the Fishing tutor as well as several fishing spots.

Click the "net" option on the fishing spot to begin fishing. Once a full inventory is acquired, light a fire using your logs and tinderbox, and cook everything before the fire burns out. Drop all the burnt shrimps, and fish more to fill in the empty space. Repeat until full, and then go north to the Lumbridge Castle bank to deposit them. This will not only stockpile food for future training, but it will provide fast and easy cooking and fishing levels for better food sources, which will in turn provide more efficient combat training.

Kill cows in Lumbridge[edit | edit source]

  • Why: Cows are a good source of combat experience at low levels, they also provide bones, raw beef, and cowhides
  • What you'll need: A good weapon and armour, an axe, a tinderbox, and 5-10 in each combat skill.
  • Considerations: Cows can be crowded, however there's often an abundance of abandoned items on the ground, these can be "looted" in addition to your own cow kills.

Travel to the cow pen north of Lumbridge Castle, or the cow pen north of the gates to Al-Kharid (advisable). Kill cows, cook and eat their beef (using logs and tinderbox for a fire) if hurt, bury their bones, and collect their cowhides. When a full inventory of cowhides is gathered, walk to the nearest bank or directly to the tanner in Al-Kharid. Bring coins if tanning!

Tan cowhides[edit | edit source]

Dommik's Crafting Store., north-east of the Al-Kharid palace
  • Why: It teaches multi-step processing and can provide the player with a set of ranged armour.
  • What you'll need: Some money, needle and some thread from the Al-Kharid crafting shop (north of the general store), and plenty of cowhides.
  • Considerations: A Crafting level of 18 is required to make Leather chaps.

Use the Tanner next to the Al-Kharid furnace to turn cowhides into regular leather. These can either be sold on the Grand Exchange or used to gain crafting experience. To use them yourself, buy a couple needles and ~50 thread from Dommik's Crafting Store.. Then, take out a full inventory of leather with these items present, and use the needle on a piece of leather. Craft the best item your level allows. Eventually, you'll be able to make all five pieces of a leather armour set at level 18 Crafting. Keep and wear one piece from each slot, and sell the rest.

Fly fishing[edit | edit source]

  • Why: Fly fishing is a popular method of Fishing.
  • What you'll need: Many feathers and a Fly fishing rod. An axe and tinderbox (if cooking).
  • Considerations: Instead of buying the feathers in Port Sarim, you can kill chickens for them.

Acquire feathers and a fly fishing rod. If needed, both can be bought at Port Sarim's fishing shop, west of Lumbridge. Then, navigate to the eastern side of the river across from the Lumbridge furnace. Click on the fishing spots along the river to begin fishing. At level 30 Fishing you'll start to catch salmon as well as trout.

Mine and smith ores[edit | edit source]

  • Why: Mining and Smithing are useful skills to train.
  • What you'll need: The best pickaxe you can use, a hammer. All players start with a bronze pickaxe.
  • Considerations: Anvils and furnaces are often far away from mining sites, mining and smithing in separate runs is recommended.

To start, head to Lumbridge mine, mine 14 tin and 14 copper ore. After this you can either bank or head straight to the furnace to smelt into bronze bars and then bank. Using run energy when your inventory is empty is recommended.

Tip: Use the free Lumbridge Home Teleport spell to quickly bring ore to the furnace.

After creating enough bars, you can head to an anvil and smith those into items to gain additional Smithing experience.

Purchase the Chronicle from Diango[edit | edit source]

Diango's Toy Store by Draynor's bank
  • Why: The Chronicle is an equipable book with the ability to teleport the player south of Varrock, which is an absolutely essential location for all players.
  • What you'll need: 300 for the Chronicle and 150 for each Teleport card charge.
  • Disadvantages: The Chronicle teleports just outside the Champions' Guild - beware of the Dark wizards to the east by the stone circle just south of the Varrock gates.

Travel to Draynor Village and locate Diango in the market. Buy the Chronicle and Teleport cards, and use the cards on the Chronicle to add them. You can also buy an Event rpg which can be a good alternative weapon at low levels. Right click on the Chronicle while in the inventory (or shield slot when equipped) to teleport below Varrock.